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Joe Biden’s remarks at the National Conference on Mental Health

Vice President Biden speaks at the National Conference on Mental Health ( Biden says “it is his hope that the conference makes clear to all Americans that There is no distinction between a mental health problem and a physical problem. That there should be no stigma to a family or individual to seek help for mental health anymore than for a broken arm or a diagnosis of cancer, and in the process it is our goal to improve not only the access to mental health at an affordable rate…improving the already positive, positive help that is out there. It begins by making sure insurance companies provide coverage to mental health services so it is affordable and available, and that is what we have done with the Affordable Care Act, by the way that is the Mental Parity Act…established a while ago, but now, only coming to fruition. It will ensure that 62 million Americans will get quality mental health care and substance abuse coverage now. We are working to implement the Mental Health Parity Law, so we can make mental illness as treatable as all other illness. And now we have to cease in the opportunity to provide it by the expanded care so that people in need of health know it’s available and have faith in it’s efficacy.”

Listen to remarks from Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, actor Bradley Cooper, and Vice President Biden at:

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