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Community Health Workers and Emergency Preparedness

Health Outreach Partners is a national non-profit organization providing training, consultation, and information services to community-based organizations striving to improve the quality of life of hard-to-reach populations.

“Including Outreach Workers and Community Health Workers in Health Center Emergency Preparedness and Management”, a new tip sheet, has been released. This tip sheet provides an overview of emergency preparedness and identifies strategies on how to involve outreach staff in planning for, during and after an emergency. The strategies provided can be applied to organizations serving underserved populations, such as farmworkers, people experiencing homelessness, public housing residents, seniors, low–income individuals, and immigrants.

Health centers have an important role in emergency preparedness, and outreach and community health workers are essential to health center emergency preparedness and management, especially for underserved populations. By involving these workers, health centers can ensure that their plans and policies are rooted in the community’s needs and respond adequately in times of an emergency.

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