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Apps to check out


The CDC developed the CDC app, available for free, with a public health focus – its most recent version updated in September 2012.  The CDC app states it provides “public 24/7 access to important and timely health information that people can use to protect their lives and loved ones.”

With this in mind, the CDC app focuses on public health information aimed at the general public, rather than medical providers. The app offers a variety of resources on a broad range of health and public health topics, making it suitable for a diverse audience.

To read a review of the app:

To get the app in the iTunes store:

To get the app for Android:



GymPact is a highly useful iPhone/Android app that motivates users to healthier lives by providing a financial incentive to working out.  The app itself is free, but there is a potential cost (or profit!) involved.  You make a pact of the number of times you’ll go to the gym per week as well as set a financial penalty if you break your pact.  The app provides a financial incentive by rewarding you for going to the gym ($0.50-0.75 per workout) but also penalizes you with your fine if you break your pact that week.  The app works with your PayPal account for the financial transactions.

To read a review of the app by a physician who’s used it:

To get the app in the iTunes store: 

To get the app for Android:

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