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Funding Opportunity: Shared Services Learning Community And Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing

Public health agencies play a critical role in our nation’s health system.  The dramatic increases in the length and quality of life for so many Americans over the past century are attributed, in large part, to the efforts of public health and the work of public health agencies to keep people health and safe.  As communities face new challenges, like the increasing burden of chronic disease and lean fiscal environments, and new opportunities like advances in technology, many public health officials and policy-makers are exploring new ways to organize and structure the management and delivery of public health services.  One such strategy is the saying of services, resources and function across multiple public health agencies and jurisdictions.  Referred to as cross-jurisdictional sharing (CJS), these arrangements range from informal agreements around sharing discrete service or programs, to regionalization including the formal merger or consolidation of multiple public health agencies.  In order to better understand the opportunity and impact of cross-jursidctional sharing among public health agencies the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will fund up to 18 teams acres the country that are exploring, implementing or improving cross-jursidictional sharing arrangements to participate in the Shared Services Learning Community.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will provide two-year grants of up to $125,000 to up to 18 teams of public health officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders that are exploring, implementing and/or improving CJS arrangements between two or more public health agencies. The Shared Services Learning Community will foster a peer learning environment amount teams that are taking a systematic approach to CJS arrangements to achieve the dual goals of greater efficiency and enhanced public health capacity.

Read the full announcement here:

Application Deadline: August 29, 2o12 (3pm Eastern)

Program Information and Call for Proposals (PDF document): 

Preview of Application:

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