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Request for Applications: The Role Of The WIC Program In Improving Peri-Conceptional Nutrition

The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), with support provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service, is very pleased to announce the initiation of a new small-grants research program focused on the roles that the WIC program is playing and can play in improving nutrition in pre-conceptional and peri-conceptional periods.

The grants will be for two years each, up to $72,000, and require a partnership of an academic/research organization and a state or local WIC program (either can be the primary applicant).  They aniticipate that these small grants will leverage long-term research partnerships and additional funding, as well as a collaborative reserach network of investigators.

The first round of applications is due June 8, 2012 (letters of intent May 25, 2012) and the second round will be approximately one year later.

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