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U.S. Unveils Alzheimer’s Strategy Amid Disturbing Projections

CNN posted a story today highlighting a new US government web site addressing a new strategy to address Alzheimer’s Disease.

It’s an exceptional moment in the struggle to find effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, says one expert. Why? Take a look at these disturbing Alzheimer’s statistics projected for 2050:
• 11 million additional people will have the condition in the United States
• 115.4 million will have it worldwide, compared to the current figure of about 35.6 million
• $1.1 trillion will be spent in the U.S. on caregiving costs, compared with $200 billion this year.
Staring in the face of these sobering numbers, the Obama administration offered details Tuesday of how it plans to take on this mysterious disease that destroys the brain.

The new strategy supports a $7.9 million dollar study on an insulin nasal spray treatment. Separately, researchers will work on the first-ever Alzheimer’s prevention trial in people with a genetic predisposition to develop the condition. The strategy also offers solutions for collaborating across federal and state agencies and for informing the public through a one-stop website,

Read the entire story here:

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