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Funding Opportunities

HHS/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Improving Health of People with Intellectual Disabilities Grant.

Deadline: May 21, 2012

“The purpose of this program is to fund activities for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) that identify comorbid conditions and poor health behaviors and to increase healthy behaviors, and improve and increase access to appropriate health services. The primary goal is to address overall health by enhancing and increasing access to health services for people with ID and increasing their healthy behavior choices.”

Unrestricted Eligibility.

For more information go to

HRSA/Office of Rural Health Policy: Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program

Deadline: Apr 20, 2012 8:00 PM ET

“The purpose of the TRCGP is to support the establishment and development of Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs).  The TRCGP expects to create centers of excellence that expedite and customize the provision of telehealth technical assistance across the country, while at the same time working together to make available a wide range of expertise that might not be available in any one region.  The TRCs provide technical assistance to health care organizations, health care networks, and health care providers in the implementation of cost-effective telehealth programs to serve rural and medically underserved areas and populations.”

Eligible Applicants include State controlled institutions of higher education, Native American tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments,) non-profits having a 501 (C)(3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education, and private institutions of higher education.  Nonprofit entities are eligible to apply. Faith-based, community-based, and tribal nonprofit organizations are also eligible. (Proof of non-profit status is required to verify eligibility.)

For more information go to


Got Funding?

Check out the Funding page from The Office of Minority Health.  Find government and private funding sources and get customized funding searches over the phone.  You can learn about OMH grantees and crank up your grant writing skills.

To find grants go to


Building Capacity, Creating Community

Check out the Capacity Building Division from the Office of Minority Health.

“The OMHRC Capacity Building Division provides an array of Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Activities to health care agencies and programs throughout the United States and its Territories and Jurisdictions. Service delivery is provided to increase the strength and competence of an organization. The Capacity Building Division defines Technical Assistance as providing short-range, acute care to agencies and organizations. Capacity Building Activities are considered to be more long-range activities where services are provided typically over a 2 year time period.”

For more information go to

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