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Holiday Food Safety Poem

Author Unknown

`Twas the night after Christmas
And all through the kitchen
Little creatures were stirring up
Potions bewitching.

Salmonella were working
In gravy and soup
In the hopes they could turn it
To poisonous goop!

Clostridia were nestled
All snug in the ham
While Hep A virus
Danced in the Yam.

Little John and his Gobots
And Mary in her cap
Had just settled down
For a long overdue nap.

While down in their guts
There arose such a clatter
They sprang from their beds
To see what was the matter.

They ran to the bathroom,
Threw open the door!
Too late!
Now their mother
Is cleaning the floor.

Wash your hands before cooking
Put your food away quick!
Or that jolly old food germ
We know as Saint Sick

With his eight tiny microbes
Will ruin the feast.
As they make their toxins
He calls out to each beast

Now Hepatitis!
Now Staph and Perfringens!
We’ll punish those humans
For Holiday Binges!

On Botulism! E. Coli! Shigella!
Go get `em Amoeba!
Work fast Salmonella!

If those humans can’t learn
To handle food right,
A Merry Christmas they’ll have
Then a long, sleepless night!


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