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K-12 Resources from the National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine announces the release of the book Come on, Mom, Dad, Get Healthy! Designed for use in the middle school health curriculum, the book employs a fictional story to address the subjects of addiction to food, smoking, and alcohol. Three teens fed up with their parents’ bad health habits decide to take action. Together, they educate themselves about their parents’ addictions and use health information as a tool to convince their parents to change their unhealthy habits.

Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body: Education: Entomology in Action
Up for a little murder mystery? Check out this lesson on Entomology in Action. See how forensic entomologists use the life cyle of the blow fly to determine time of death.

Lesson 1 introduces students to the blow fly’s life cycle and the accumulated degree hour (ADH) used by forensic entomologists for estimating the time of death. Lesson 2 introduces Dr. Krinsky’s entomological work in solving a murder case in 1986. Students access several primary-source documents related to Dr. Krinsky’s entomological work. Both lessons help students expand their understanding of a forensic entomologist’s work and appreciate how scientists account for environmental/variable factors in forming a conclusion in a scientific study. [K-12 Listserv June 2011]

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