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Neighborhoods and Health

People of color more likely to die just walking down the street
by Anita Hairston
Equity Blog
According to a recent report, designing our streets to move vehicles rather than people, puts a significant burden on low income people and communities of color across this country. The findings from Transportation for America’s new 2011 “Dangerous by Design” report are alarming. The share of pedestrian deaths among communities of color exceeds their share of the total population. [@groxie]

“Minority kids spend most of their waking hours plugged in”
By Mary Brophy Marcus, USA TODAY
Minority children spend an average of 13 hours a day using mobile devices, computers, TVs and other media — about 4½ hours more than white kids, says a report out today. The findings, from Northwestern University, are being presented to childhood and telecommunications experts in Washington, D.C….Researchers didn’t say why, but some experts have theories. “Children may turn to media if they feel their neighborhoods lack safe places to play or if their parents have especially demanding jobs that prevent engagement,” says Frederick Zimmerman, chair of the department of Health Services at UCLA School of Public Health. [@RWJF_VP]

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