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Articles on Social Media

Behavioral Health and Social Media
Increasing Outreach, Feedback, and Virtual Communities
By Meredith Hogan Pond
Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Blogs. As a Nation, people of all ages use social media applications every day to update friends, family, and colleagues. We announce personal milestones, share articles, tell stories, and post photos and events we hope will be of interest. In short, we’re engaged in an ongoing conversation, a virtual community… Currently, SAMHSA’s main focus for digital engagement is outreach and feedback. The goal is to increase and improve communications with the behavioral health field, public and nonprofit organizations, the recovery community, and other audiences and individuals concerned with substance abuse and mental health issues. [SAMHSA eNewsletter — Volume 19, Number 1]

Whitepaper: Is Your Organization Mobile-Ready?
How Leading Non-Profits are Engaging Constituents on Mobile Devices
Technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it’s sometimes difficult to keep up, much less stay ahead of the curve. It’s also difficult to determine which trends are passing fancy and which are here to stay. The demand for mobile applications for business, government and non-profits alike is very real and it’s skyrocketing every day. Your organization needs to have a strategy in place to meet that demand—one that’s based on the best practices of other non-profits that have already tested them.

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