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Public Library News

Towards a National Transition Plan for Libraries
Phil Shapiro
Public libraries are undergoing huge changes in the shift from analog to digital media. Some large city libraries have hired digital strategists to help them take appropriate steps in this transition. Smaller or poorer libraries don’t have the benefit of having a full-time staff person working on the transition. To keep those libraries from falling behind, it makes sense to devise a national plan for this transition – a plan that will unfold in increments over the next ten years. With such a plan in place, libraries – and the communities they serve – will have a good idea of where their own libraries are in the transition.

A map of Public Library closures in the United Kingdom

Outstanding Public Library/Public Health Partnership Awards
Awards will be offered by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region (NE, MO, KS, WY, UT or CO) to recognize public libraries that have had successful public library/public health partnerships involving health information. Recipients will receive a $200 cash award or gift.

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