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Health Literacy Month Resources

This is the 11th year that advocates everywhere are raising awareness about health literacy and ways to improve understanding. This year, the  focus is on stories – stories about why health literacy matters to healthcare providers, policy makers, researchers, educators, students, patients, families, and all others who care about health.

HOL Podcast: Why Health Literacy Matters: A Podcast with Many Voices
In this special edition podcast, you will hear five people share their stories about why health literacy matters, recorded in May 2009 at a workshop at the Institute for Healthcare Advancement’s (or IHA) 8th Annual Health Literacy Conference.
In this podcast, you will hear from:

  • Michael Villaire, Institute for Healthcare Advancement (IHA)
  • Cindy Brach, AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)
  • Michael Wolf PhD, Northwestern University
  • Beccah Rothschild, Health Research to Action at UC Berkeley
  • Jutta Ulrich, Health Guide America

The Health Literacy Month Story for October 2
“What’s Bigger: Genes or Chromosomes? A Lady with a Ph.D Is Suddenly Not Sure.” Talya Miron-Shatz, Ph.D. is on a mission to make sure that patients receive information in a manner that facilitates clear understanding and better decision-making. She tells about the first time she realized that knowledge does not simply pour out of the medical system and into patients’ minds.

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