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Navigation Help

It is very easy to move about in HEALTHINFOQUEST. There are three icon/buttons in the upper right corner of every page that provide easy access to the primary resources:

icon leading to pathfinder index Click this icon to access an index of all HEALTHINFOQUEST Pathfinders.
icon leading to site map This icon links to the Site Map, the Table of Contents for all of HEALTHINFOQUEST. This is a good place to start.
icon leading to help Click on the Site Help icon at any time for access to ways to enhance your experience using HEALTHINFOQUEST. Content includes sample reference interviews and ideas for utilizing pathfinders in your own work.

Other Navigation

Besides the icons, at the bottom of every HEALTHINFOQUEST page there are navigation links: Home : Site Map : Pathfinder Index. The specific links may vary slightly depending on page content, but all will link to the Site Map and the Pathfinders.

Outside Links

example of pop-up icon  - indicates that following link will open in another window This pop-up window icon indicates every link to a resource that will appear in a new browser window.

For more information, read Enhancing Your Experience.

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