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When and How to Use: IBIDS Database

The IBIDS (International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements) database was developed to assist the public, health care providers, educators and researchers in locating credible information on dietary supplements.

The database was developed by the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements and the US Department of Agriculture. It contains citations to scientific articles, with abstracts when available, on vitamins, minerals, and botanical supplements.

Note: This database sometimes receives heavy traffic. If you have trouble accessing it, try again later. It's well worth the effort.

How to use:

  1. IBIDS Database:
    pop-up window indicator
  2. Click the Search IBIDS button. You can select from the IBIDS Consumer Database, the Full IBIDS Database, or Peer Reviewed Citations Only.
    • Peer-reviewed journals have a board of experts or "peers" who evaluate articles submitted for publication. If you are looking for scientific articles with the highest standard of research, select Peer Reviewed Citations Only. This also reduces the number of articles retrieved. Otherwise, select the IBIDS Consumer Database, which provides credible scientific information geared to laypeople, or the Full IBIDS Database.
  3. Carefully read the instructions at the top of the screen concerning navigation of the site and then click keyword list in the menu. A new browser window for Keywords appears.

  4. Click on General Search Terms under the Go to: menu to access a list of keywords by classification. Scroll until you find your search term.

  5. Highlight and copy the list of terms given. (Minimize the Keywords window by clicking on the small box  containing the underscore in the upper right hand corner.)

  6. Paste the terms you have just copied into the Search for text box.
    Click Search IBIDS and review your results.

  7. Experiment by returning to the Keywords window and searching with terms selected from the Keywords by Alphabetical List of common names. Compare your results.

  8. Click Help in the top navigation bar. A new browser window appears with Search Instructions and Tips for Efficient Searching.

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