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When and How to Use: HealthWorld Online
HealthWorld Online is a site designed for both consumers and professionals. It contains full-text articles written by experts in the fields of nutrition, wellness, preventive health, and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

How to use:

HealthWorld Online at:
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  1. HealthWorld Online provides several options for finding information. The detailed category index (below the large "village" graphic) is the most efficient way to navigate this site until you are familiar with its contents.
  2. The Site Search allows you to enter search keywords. This search method often retrieves more documents than the index, but requires more selectivity.
  3. You can also click on buildings in the village graphic. Move your cursor around the picture until its shape changes from an arrow to a hand, then click.
  4. Lastly, notice the menu items next to the village.
  5. Try out all of these options by looking for information on a question of personal interest in order to become familiar with the way information is retrieved via the various routes.
  6. For more information on searching this site, click the Need Help? link under the Site Search.

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