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Go to NN/LM Home page.HEALTHINFOQUEST: pathfinders for information providers to practice finding answers to common consumer health and complementary and CAM questions.*
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Thank you for visiting HealthInfoquest. The site is is not currently being maintained. To find answers to many of your health information questions, please go to MedlinePlus. You may also want to visit the Consumer Health Manual.

Pathfinders are a time-honored tradition in public libraries. HEALTHINFOQUEST pathfinders are designed for public librarians and health information specialists.

Explore the HEALTHINFOQUEST Site Map and read through the following sections to streamline your experience:

Each HEALTHINFOQUEST pathfinder stands alone and demonstrates ways to answer sample questions using authoritative and reliable resources. Health information novices might want to start with the Terminology pathfinder.

Pathfinder index
The Pathfinder Index contains a complete listing of all categories and sample questions.
Site Map
The Site Map is the site's Table of Contents and contains sample reference interviews and more.
Help Site Help contains tips to enhance understanding and navigation of this site.
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