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Discussion Guide for When the Words Suddenly Stopped: Finding My Voice Again After a Massive Stroke
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Former television broadcast journalist Vivian King was taking a seemingly harmless prescription pill and suddenly suffered a stroke that robbed her of her voice. She battled through neurological intensive care and hours of therapy, leading to a miraculous recovery which astounded even her doctors. King admits the medical care she received was unparalleled, but she believes her secret weapons were her faith, family, and friends converging to lead her from trauma to triumph. When the Words Suddenly Stopped is Vivian’s story. 

When the Words Suddenly Stopped: Finding My Voice Again After a Massive Stroke | Vivian L King | Author Academy Elite | 2020 | 174 | ISBN: 978-1647460563


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Vivian King is an author, speaker, moderator, professionally trained voice actor, and the founder and principal of Vivian L. King Connections LLC, where she provides personalized consulting to individuals looking to find their voice through the media and connect with the community through workshops and forums. Vivian's background is in journalism. During her broadcast career, she worked at television stations in Alexandria, Louisiana; Tyler, Texas; and Battle Creek, Michigan before moving to Milwaukee, where she spent more than 10 years at WTMJ-TV, the NBC affiliate. 

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