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Shainman's medical memoir has won several "top" (first place) literary awards:

  • 2020 CIPA EVVY Book Award Biography / Autobiography / Memoir
  • 2019 Independent Author Network Non-Fiction Book of the Year
  • 2019 Best Book Awards Science 
  • 2019 Independent Author Network Health & Medicine 
  • 2019 IndieReader Discovery Award Health & Medicine 
  • 2019 FAPA President's Award Health 


Book cover image Resurrection LilyAs Amy Byer Shainman discovers she has inherited a BRCA gene mutation that puts her at high risk of developing certain cancers, she struggles to come to terms with preventively removing her breasts when she does not have a breast cancer diagnosis. Through her experience making decisions about her health, Amy becomes invigorated with purpose and establishes herself as a leading advocate for those with BRCA and other hereditary cancer syndromes, tirelessly working to educate others facing the same daunting realityaudiobook vector imageebook vector image

Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew: A Memoir​ | Amy Byer Shainman | Archway Publishing | 2018 | 316 pages | ISBN: 978-1480867062


Photo of Amy Byer ShainmanAmy Byer Shainman, also known as BRCA Responder, is an advocate, author, and producer providing support and education surrounding BRCA and other hereditary cancer syndromes. Shainman also is a BRCA1 gene mutation carrier and a "previvor" - meaning she is a survivor of a predisposition to cancer (a previvor is someone at extraordinarily high risk for cancer who has not had the disease). In 2010, she had two prophylactic surgeries to reduce her cancer risk drastically; a nipple-sparing, skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction and oophorectomy with a hysterectomy. 
Cure Magazine, The Jewish Journal, and The Palm Beach Post have featured Shainman's story. She has also appeared on numerous live and taped television and radio segments nationwide. As a digital ambassador for the National Society of Genetic Counselors gene pool, Shainman is considered one of fifteen influencers who has unique perspectives and knowledge in the fields of genetics and genetic counseling. She is an administrator for the largest female-only BRCA support group on social media and has published articles in The American Journal of Managed Care, Jupiter Magazine, and Oncology Nursing News. Currently, she is the consulting producer on Lady Parts. Executive produced by Joanna Kerns, the scripted feature film highlights what it's like to be a BRCA positive female at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

NNLM Reading Club Presents...

....Amy Byer Shainman, along with Ellen Matloff, Certified Genetic Counselor, and President and CEO of My Gene Counsel, a digital health company that provides scalable, updated genetic counseling solutions. In this powerful one-hour live stream event, these two genetic cancer experts will share their story, their knowledge and answer your questions.

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In addition to her book, Resurrection Lily, Amy Byer Shainman is executive producer of the film, Pink and Blue: Colors of Hereditary Cancer, which is part of the NNLM Human Genetics Film Kit.

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"The documentary takes a profound look into the BRCA world examining what it is and how this gene mutation puts both women and men at risk for developing numerous cancers. The film highlights the message that men are equally as likely to carry a BRCA gene mutation and this lack of information is deadly."