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NNLM Reading Club: Heart Health

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Discussion Guide for Restart Your Heart: The Playbook for Thriving with AFib
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What is Atrial Fibrillation? (English PDF)
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AFib patients, their family, friends, and caregivers are often misinformed about the latest research, advancements, and treatments. In this book, cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Aseem Desai diminishes the worry and confusion that come with an AFib diagnosis by presenting the latest medical information in a concise and positive way. Filled with innovative knowledge and vivid illustrations, Restart Your Heart will empower and inspire you by providing straightforward answers and options to deal with this complex disease. In this guide to living your best life with AFib, you will:ebook vector image

  • Be Informed about what atrial fibrillation is, why it happens, and what AFib treatment options are available after diagnosis
  • Be Prepared to deal with the diagnosis and condition on mental and emotional levels
  • Be in control by learning to monitor the disease to prevent progression
  • Be Supported with AFib stories from those who have learned to navigate their illness

Amazon Best Seller in Heart Disease​

Restart Your Heart: The Playbook for Thriving with AFib | Aseem Desai, MD, FHRS | Greenleaf Book Group Press | 2020 | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-1626347083


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Dr. Aseem Desai is a cardiac electrophysiologist (EP), a physician specializing in heart rhythm disorders. He has been caring for people with atrial fibrillation (AFib) for over seventeen years and currently practices in Orange County, California. Dr. Desai graduated from Northwestern University Medical School as part of the Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME). He did his internship, residency, chief residency, cardiology fellowship, and electrophysiology fellowship at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Desai served as Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of Implantable Device Therapy at the University of Chicago Hospital. As an author of several scientific manuscripts, he has published in peer-reviewed journals such as HeartRhythmJournal, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, American Journal of Medicine, and Annals of Internal Medicine. Dr. Desai’s passion for connecting with people has allowed him to increase AFib awareness through speaking engagements, writing for the general public on blogs such as The Doctor Weighs In, and on his YouTube channel, which features educational and human-interest stories. He provides personalized care based on the statement: “Doctor, if I were a family member of yours, what would you recommend?” When he's not helping patients, he enjoys spending time with his family, singing, playing guitar, reading, and practicing yoga.

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