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Discussion Guide for On Immunity: An Inoculation
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Book cover image On Immunity

In this book, Eula Biss addresses some people's fears of the government, the medical establishment, and what may be in their children's air, food, mattresses, medicines, and vaccines. Reflecting on her own experience as a new mother, she suggests that we cannot immunize our children, or ourselves, against the world. As she explores the metaphors surrounding immunity, Biss extends her conversations with other mothers to meditations on the myth of Achilles, Voltaire's Candide, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, Susan Sontag's AIDS and Its Metaphors, and beyond. On Immunity is her moving account of how we are all interconnected - our bodies and our fates.​audiobook vector imageebook vector image

A National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist

On Immunity: An Innoculation | Eula Bliss | Graywolf Press | 2015 reprint | 224 pages | ISBN: 978-1555977207


Head shot photo of Eula Bliss

Eula Biss is the author of The Balloonists and Notes from No Man's Land, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award in criticism and which Salon deemed "the most accomplished book of essays anyone has written or published so far in the twenty-first century." Her work has appeared in The Believer, Harper's Magazine, and The New York Times. She has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Howard Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. She lives in the Chicago area and teaches at Northwestern University.

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Reading icon[Six Questions] Discussing On Immunity: An Inoculation with Eula Biss. By Geoffrey Gleaves. Harper's Magazine. October 1, 2014