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Discussion Guide for In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto
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Book cover image In Defense of FoodMost of what we’re consuming today in Western society is no longer the product of nature but of food science, argues Michael Pollan. The result is what he calls the American Paradox: The more we worry about nutrition, the less healthy we seem to become. With the book, In Defense of Food, Pollan proposes a new (and very old) answer to the question of what we should eat that comes down to seven simple but liberating words: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." Pollan’s bracing and eloquent manifesto shows us how we can start making thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives, enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy, and bring pleasure back to eating.audiobook vector imageebook vector image

#1 New York Times Bestseller

In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto | Michael Pollan | Penguin Books | 2009 | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-0143114963


Michael Pollan is an acclaimed author and journalist, contributing to the New York Times Magazine since 1987. Several of his New York Times bestseller books have been adapted for television: Netflix created a four-part documentary series based on Cooked in 2016, and documentary adaptations of In Defense of Food (2015) and The Botany of Desire (2009) both premiered on PBS. Pollan also appeared in the Academy Award-nominated 2009 feature documentary, Food Inc. Most recently, he released an Audible original, Caffeine: How Coffee and Tea Created the Modern World. ​Born in 1955, Pollan grew up on Long Island and was educated at Bennington College, Oxford University, and Columbia University, from which he received a Master’s in English. ​He is currently the Lewis K. Chan Arts Lecturer and Professor of the Practice of NonFiction at Harvard University. In addition to teaching, he lectures widely on food, agriculture, health, and the environment. In 2010, Time magazine named him one of the one hundred most influential people in the world. He lives in the Bay Area with his wife, the painter Judith Belzer, and their son, Isaac.

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