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National Health Observances

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM) provides resources for public libraries that align with National Health Observances throughout the calendar year. Providing programming resources is one way that the Community Engagement Network (CEN) supports communities with consumer health information and education in order to increase health literacy and raise awareness of the NIH All of Us Research Program. For more information about the mission of the CEN, please visit About Us. The release of this content in these formats is a pilot for the 2019 calendar year; the CEN is actively seeking feedback from public library staff through engagement of NNLM advisory groups and a task force through the Public Library Association (PLA). Any feedback or suggestions regarding this project may be submitted via email to the NNLM All of Us National Program.


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National Nutrition Month
Women's History Month
National Poison Prevention Week


Diabetes Infographic    Handout "Family Is Health History Month"

Diabetes Awareness Month
Family Health History Month
  • NNLM Reading Club (selection guide, discussion guide, application for materials): Family Health History 
Family Literacy Month