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Book Selections and Health Resources: Family Health

National Family Health History Day

Knowing your family’s health history paints a picture of your family's health problems from one generation to the next. This knowledge is a powerful tool for early detection or prevention of diseases you may be at risk for. Want to learn how to find and share your family health history with your doctor? Let National Family Health History Day on Thanksgiving Day help get the conversation started this holiday season and throughout the year. How?

Use this guide to select one of three books, download the discussion guide, and freely share health information... or apply for a free NNLM Reading Club kit!

Selected Books for Family Health History

Cover images of three books selected for Family Health History

She Has Her Mother's Laugh by Carl Zimmer​
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
It's All Relative by A.J. Jacobs