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DataFlash: MLA’s New Data Services Specialization (DSS) Certificate

Tue, 2021-03-02 11:06

Last January, MLA announced the Data Services Specialization (DSS) certificate that librarians can earn to demonstrate their attainment of the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to provide data services.

Best geared for health sciences librarians and information professionals and built upon the MLA Data Services Competency, the Basic Certification requires the completion of four 4-credit free Network of the National Library of Medicine courses. These courses cover 5 skill areas (i.e. principles of data literacy; data services; research data best practices across the data lifecycle, open science practices, and training and consultation on data-related topics) and are available on demand. An additional three credits in the five skill areas are required and several NNLM courses are listed on the NNLM Data Services Specialization page.

Registration for the NNLM courses is open and free.  MLA DSS certification costs for MLA members is $55 and for MLA nonmembers is $75. You can find more information about the DSS certificate, including cost, requirements, and skills on the MLA website.

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DataFlash: NNLM’s Love Data Week (February 8th-12th)

Thu, 2021-02-04 11:06

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Love Data Week is an annual international celebration of all aspects of data. This February 8th-12th, NNLM is spotlighting four experts on various aspects of open data for a week of learning and sharing in the spirit of “open.”

At four 30-minute “coffee chat” sessions fromMonday through Thursday, listen to each one of our guest experts discuss their work and answer audience questions in an informal setting. Then, join us on Friday as part of the RDM Webinar Series for a moderated panel discussion with all speakers to discuss bigger questions about their experiences working with open data.

Monday, Feb 8th

Reflections on Open Access and Ethics in Data Literacy Training

Ibraheem Ali, Sciences Data Librarian, University of California Los Angeles

Tuesday, Feb 9th

How Open Data Can Support a Pandemic Response

Bob Gradeck, Project Director, Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

Wednesday, Feb 10th

Advocating for Open and Equitable Scholarly Communications

Yasmeen Shorish, Associate Professor & Head of Scholarly Communications, James Madison University Libraries

Thursday, Feb 11th

If You Share It, Will They Come? Exploring How Open Data Are Reused

Lisa Federer, Data Science and Open Science Librarian at the National Library of Medicine

Friday, Feb 12th

Spotlight on “Open” Panel Presentation

Our panelists will weigh in on their careers and what brought them to working with open data, important skills and favorite resources, project management and working with a team, and more.

The post DataFlash: NNLM’s Love Data Week (February 8th-12th) first appeared on Dragonfly.
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