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NLM’s Community Health Maps Resource Supports Citizen Scientists and Communities

PSR News - Wed, 2018-04-11 16:21

Community-based organizations, environmental health groups, public health agencies, and emergency management departments are in a better position to serve their populations when they are able to collect and maintain their own data, rather than relying solely on national or state agencies, or on majority-institution partners to provide data to them. The National Library of Medicine’s Community Health Maps (CHM) offers information and guidance regarding low and no cost resources to help students, teachers, community members, and researchers. It is a mixture of mapping apps/software reviews, best practices, and the experiences of those who have successfully implemented a mapping workflow as part of their work. Examples of maps created using the CHM workflow include:

To learn more, visit this blog post from NLM in Focus.

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Upcoming Format Change for MeSH-MARC and NLM Bibliographic Record Distribution

PSR News - Wed, 2018-04-11 16:04

Beginning June 1, 2018, the National Library of Medicine plans to start distributing MeSH-MARC files in UTF-8 rather than MARC-8 format. NLM bibliographic records will also be distributed in UTF-8 later this year. Any institution that will experience issues with these plans should contact NLM Customer Support by April 30, 2018.

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NNLM Historical Overview for 1985-2015 Published!

PSR News - Mon, 2018-04-09 19:58

Test your historical knowledge of NNLM by answering the following questions:

  • What year saw the adoption of the official name, National Network of Libraries of Medicine?
  • Which five-year NNLM contract period included the establishment of three new NNLM Centers?
  • Which five-year NNLM contract period received extra funds to support consumer health projects?
  • In what year did NLM and NNLM expand professional outreach efforts to include the public health workforce?
  • Which five-year NNLM contract period incorporated Internet connectivity work into its goals?
  • Which five-year NNLM contract period added a new emphasis on emergency preparedness to its mission?

Feeling stumped? Then check out the newly published article by Susan Speaker, An historical overview of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, 1985–2015, in the March 2018 issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association!

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NNLM PSR Mini-Award Highlights for Promoting Awareness of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Library

PSR Newsletter - Mon, 2018-04-09 17:30

by Jill Barr-Walker
Clinical Librarian
Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG) Hospital Library
University of California, San Francisco

Jill Barr-Walker demonstrates a databaseJill Barr-Walker demonstrates a database to MedSurg nurses

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Library, or ZSFG Library, received funding from the NNLM Pacific Southwest Region for an Outreach Mini-Award from June to November 2017. This funding provided support for library involvement in two events at our hospital: the Summerfest Health Fair and a National Medical Librarians Month outreach event. Our primary objective was to use these two events to increase patient, staff, and community awareness of the ZSFG Library in a way that encouraged communication, engagement, and active learning.

With funds from the NNLM award, we purchased a 50-inch TV monitor and stand, a spinnable wheel, and several gift certificates to use as prizes. We had been inspired by a raffle game observed at ZSFG Patient Safety Week in which participants spun a wheel and answered questions about patient safety. The goal of our raffle game was not to test participants’ existing knowledge; rather, we wanted to share information about the library using active learning techniques in a non-judgmental way and to show participants that ZSFG Library staff were approachable and knowledgeable.

Iesha NevelsIesha Nevels & our Summerfest table

Our clinical librarian (Jill Barr-Walker) and library assistant (Iesha Nevels) staffed a table together at each event. We set up our colorful upright spinning wheel, paper slips and a container for the raffle drawing, and a laptop and large monitor to demonstrate databases and NLM resources. When someone approached our table, we asked if they would like to enter our raffle. To enter, they would need to answer a question about ZSFG Library. First, participants spun the wheel which landed on a number; each number corresponded with a question on a list which was then asked. We asked staff things like “Name one point of care resource you can use via the library.” (e.g. DynaMed) and “Name one way the library can help your patients.” (e.g. MedlinePlus). Patients and members of the public were asked questions like “Is the library open to the public?” (Yes) and “Where can you find information about preventing diabetes & healthy recipes?” (e.g. MedlinePlus). These questions and answers led to more in-depth conversations, often resulting in demonstrations of online resources on the TV monitor. During our National Medical Librarians Month event, we also hosted a Makers Lab popup and a button-making station.

Dylan RomeroDylan Romero talks to ZSFG staff about the UCSF Makers lab

Our events were a huge success! At the Summerfest event (held on a Friday in the cafeteria at lunchtime), we received 120 raffle entries, including 68 staff members, 32 patients, and 20 members of the public. We had 42 meaningful interactions (defined as in-depth conversations about library resources), including 15 demonstrations using the TV monitor. Jill also received four requests for presentations at staff meetings, three requests for in-service trainings, and two requests for database searches. The National Medical Librarians Month event was held on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Across three days, there were 181 attendees and 119 raffle entries, including 99 staff members, 8 patients, and 12 members of the public. We had 125 meaningful interactions, including 39 demonstrations. There were five requests for presentations at staff meetings, one in-service training request, and one search request, all from unique and new-to-the-library groups such as interpreter services, clinical dietitians, and a reproductive health clinic for teens. When compared to the library’s participation at Summerfest in 2016, our attendee numbers rose by 240% and meaningful interactions increased by over 1300%! Several of our successes were not quantifiable but show the strength of the library’s relationship with our ZSFG community. For example, Jill received a card from a family & community medicine research team who wanted to celebrate National Medical Librarians Month, and Iesha, helping with a different event six months later, recognized buttons that she had given to staff at our events– many people still wear them on a daily basis!

These events would not have been possible without the purchases we made thanks to the NNLM PSR award. The spinning wheel attracted attention, attendees were excited to enter a raffle to win a prize, and the large monitor made demonstrating and discussing library resources a more user-friendly experience. We’ve found additional uses for these items, such as using the monitor for workshops, in-service trainings, and library staff meetings. And we are planning additional outreach events utilizing similar strategies to continue to raise awareness of our services by the hospital’s staff, patients, and local community. Thanks to NNLM PSR for helping us get the word out about ZSFG Library!

For more information about the events, feel free to contact Jill Barr-Walker. Also be on the lookout for a case study in an upcoming issue of the Journal of the Medical Library Association!

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PMC Implements Updates to Article Displays

PSR News - Fri, 2018-04-06 19:50

In collaboration with Europe PubMed Central, PMC has implemented several updates to the article display in order to enhance the transparency and readability of the content. Navigating from the PMC record to the PubMed record has been made easier by the addition of hyperlinked PubMed IDs (PMIDs) in the upper right-hand corner of article records. Clicking the PMID link will take you to the corresponding citation record in PubMed. The PMC Disclaimer link has also been moved out of the Copyright and License information section for easier discovery and access. This page describes what content is included in PMC as well as other important NCBI and NLM disclaimer information.

Additionally, two changes have been implemented to improve the functionality of author names. Users now can click on an author name to view the author’s affiliation(s). Users also have the option of running a quick author name search in PMC by clicking the linked author name in “Find articles by [author name].” And finally, figures and tables have been moved from thumbnail displays to inline with the article display to make them easier to view. Users still can click on the figure/table title or “Open in separate window” (as available) link for a closer look.

For further details and graphics, visit the NLM Technical Bulletin. Send any feedback about these changes to the PMC Help Desk.

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National Public Health Week: Focus on Injury and Violence Prevention

PSR News - Thu, 2018-04-05 14:16

Today’s theme for National Public Health Week focuses on Injury and Violence Protection. Check out these National Library of Medicine resources to prepare for and respond to incidents of gender-based violence during and after disasters:

The NLM Public Health Resources Tutorial is a portal to explore five topic areas: Consumer Health, Disasters and Public Health Emergencies, Environmental Health and Toxicology, Health Services Research, and HIV/AIDS. The Disasters & Public Health Emergencies section links to two modules; Disaster Health Literature and Introduction to CBRNE Incidents. The tutorial and other training for disaster health information is available from NLM’s Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC).

Gender-Based Violence and Disaster Literature Resources

Coping with Violence Resources

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NLM @ MLA – 2018

PSR News - Wed, 2018-04-04 17:46

The Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (MLA) will be held May 19-23, 2018, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Attendees are invited to visit the National Library of Medicine exhibit booth 145 (May 19-21) to meet NLM staff and see NLM Web products and services. The NLM Theater at the booth will feature demonstrations and tutorials on a wide variety of topics. All presentations are recorded and made available on the NLM Web site shortly after the meeting.

The NLM Update will be held Tuesday, May 22, 11:00 – 11:55 am, in the Centennial Ballroom (Atrium Tower, Ballroom Level). Speakers will include Patricia Flatley Brennan, Director of the National Library of Medicine, Joyce Backus, Associate Director for Library Operations, and Amanda J. Wilson, Head, National Network Coordinating Office.

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Webinar: “Citizen Science in Libraries” on Wednesday, April 4

PSR News - Mon, 2018-04-02 19:26

Are you interested in citizen science? Are you looking for new ways to engage with your community members, and would you like to encourage science discovery with more of your users? If you answered yes to any of the above, then don’t miss this exciting webinar hosted by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Southwest Region (NNLM PSR), Citizen Science in Libraries: Fostering Community Connections on Citizen Science Day and Beyond, on Wednesday, April 4, at 9:00 AM PDT. The featured presenter will be Darlene Cavalier, professor of practice at Arizona State University and the founder of SciStarter, a citizen science database and platform. She will describe several citizen science projects in public libraries in Arizona that are part of an IMLS grant, and she will share resources and information to spark ideas for your library. You will also learn about funding opportunities that may be available for health-related programs and citizen science projects through your NNLM regional medical library. Registrations are encouraged!

Citizen science enables people from all walks of life to engage in formal and informal research to advance fields spanning astronomy to zoology. This webinar will provide a general overview of citizen science, highlight recent activities to support libraries as community hubs for citizen science, and showcase free resources available to librarians who want to jump in now by promoting citizen science at libraries leading up to, during, and after Citizen Science Day on April 14.

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NLM History of Medicine Lecture on April 5

PSR News - Mon, 2018-04-02 18:59

Trevor Owens, PhD, will speak at 11:00 AM PDT on April 5th at the National Library of Medicine on Scientists’ Hard Drives, Databases, and Blogs: Preservation Intent and Source Criticism in the Digital History of Science, Technology and Medicine. He is the Head of Digital Content Management at the Library of Congress and the author of three books, the most recent of which, The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation, is in press with Johns Hopkins University Press. The presentation will be livestreamed globally and archived for future viewing. An interview with Dr. Owens about his work was featured in NLM’s Circulating Now blog.

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Recording for the NNLM Resource Picks Webinar on HealthReach Now Available!

PSR News - Mon, 2018-04-02 16:06

The archived recording of the March 28 session for the NNLM collaborative webinar series, NNLM Resource Picks, is available. The topic was HealthReach: Health Information in Many Languages, presented by Laura Bartletta and Michael Honch from the Outreach and Special Populations Branch at the National Library of Medicine. View the webinar by clicking on the YouTube video player below.

Note: To switch to full screen, click on the full screen icon in the bottom corner of the video player. To exit the full screen, press Esc on your keyboard or click on the Full screen icon again. If you have problems viewing full screen videos, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.

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April 2018 Issue of NIH News in Health Now Available!

PSR News - Mon, 2018-04-02 15:57
Illustration of two men having coffee and talking

Check out the April issue of NIH News in Health, the monthly newsletter bringing you practical health news and tips based on the latest NIH research. In this issue:

  • Health Capsule: Learn About Obesity and Cancer Risk
    Doctors can’t always explain why one person gets cancer and another doesn’t. But research has shown that certain risk factors may increase a person’s chance of getting cancer. One risk factor is obesity, or having too much body fat.

NIH News in Health is available online in both HTML and PDF formats. Additionally, you can get trusted, up-to-date health information from NIH News in Health added directly to your site via NIH content syndication. Print copies are available free of charge for offices, clinics, community centers, and libraries within the U.S. Visit the NIH News in Health Facebook page to suggest topics you’d like to see covered, or share what you find helpful about the newsletter!

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March 2018 Midday at the Oasis Webinar Recording Now Available!

PSR News - Wed, 2018-03-28 16:06

On March 27, NNLM PSR presented Perspectives in Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility for the Midday at the Oasis monthly webinar. Xan Goodman, Health Sciences Librarian and Assistant Professor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, was the featured presenter. The session introduced health sciences librarians to the concepts of cultural competence and cultural humility. It focused on the roles of the librarian as colleague and instructor. Necessarily this webinar linked the concepts of cultural competence and cultural humility to healthcare, which is the stakeholder community that health sciences librarians support. The webinar also explored personal identities and cultures and how these particular elements translate to a deliberate practice of cultural competence and cultural humility in the workplace. You can view the webinar by visiting the Midday at the Oasis page or by clicking on the YouTube video player below.

screen capture of Youtube controls with full screen icon encircled
Note: To switch to full screen, click on the full screen icon in the bottom corner of the video player. To exit the full screen, press Esc on your keyboard or click on the Full screen icon again. If you have problems viewing full screen videos, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.

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NLM Webinar: Insider’s Guide to Accessing NLM Data—EDirect Office Hours on April 25

PSR News - Tue, 2018-03-27 16:55

On Wednesday, April 25, 11:30am-12:30pm PDT, join National Library of Medicine (NLM) staff for EDirect Office Hours. Aimed at intermediate and advanced EDirect users, this one-hour session serves as a forum where participants can get answers to EDirect questions, meet other members of the EDirect user community, and learn something new about EDirect. If you have a particular problem you’re trying to solve with EDirect but don’t know where to start, or need expert advice on the best way to extract specific information from NLM databases, then join EDirect Office Hours, an occasional series of interactive webinars, starting April 2018. Each session begins with a brief presentation on an EDirect feature or topic not covered in a previous class. The rest of the session is devoted to answering audience questions, examining EDirect use cases, and building workable solutions to problems. If you have a particular problem or question you want addressed, submit it when you register or ask during class.

This program is designed for intermediate and advanced EDirect users, including those who have completed the EDirect for PubMed course. If you are new to E-utilities and EDirect, you are encouraged to start with Welcome to E-utilities for PubMed or EDirect for PubMed. Recordings of these classes are currently available.

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NLM Joins National Capital Area Institutions to Host “Flu! The 1918 Spanish Influenza in American and World History,” a Summer Seminar for K-12 Teachers

PSR News - Tue, 2018-03-27 14:38

During the week of July 16, NLM will join the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, and The Catholic University of America, to host Flu! The 1918 Spanish Influenza in American and World History, a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Seminar for K-12 Teachers, organized by Virginia Tech through an NEH grant to that institution. Flu! will provide selected K-12 teachers from around the country with an opportunity to read and discuss the most recent scholarship on the 1918 Spanish Flu written by American and world historians as well as interdisciplinary studies by epidemiologists, demographers, and public health scholars. In addition, participants will have opportunities to pursue their own research topics using the diverse collections and resources of the host institutions. Seminar participants will acquire a broader understanding of the role of disease and health in American and world history, an awareness of how historical precedents inform current plans for dealing with global pandemics, and an appreciation of a complicated topic that engages scholarly as well as broad general interest.

Participants in the workshop are selected through a nationally competitive process, administered by the NEH, which closed on March 1, 2018. The selected teachers are offered a stipend for their participation through the NEH-awarded grant, intended to cover travel, lodging and other costs. The final roster of participating teachers will be posted on the seminar website in late spring. At NLM, teachers will study unique and rare print materials, including pamphlets, journals, and public health reports, to advance their research projects on the history of the 1918 Spanish Flu. The visit will provide them with a unique opportunity to examine primary sources in their original print form as well as materials that are not available in any digital collection. Also at NLM, the teachers will learn about historical and current perspectives on the 1918 influenza pandemic from the distinguished epidemiologist Dr. Jeffery Taubenberger of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Dr. David Morens, senior advisor to the director of NIAID. The participation of Drs. Taubenberger and Morens in the seminar continues their longstanding and valued engagement with the NLM, NEH, and Virginia Tech. Previously, during the summer of 2015, they contributed to The Spanish Influenza of 1918, an NEH-funded summer seminar also organized by Virginia Tech.

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Join the NNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on April 17!

PSR News - Wed, 2018-03-21 18:36

Are you interested in improving the consumer health information available on Wikipedia? Do you want to utilize your librarian research skills towards making Wikipedia a better, evidence-based resource? Have you always wanted to participate in an edit-a-thon? Join the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on April 17th as we add citations to existing Wikipedia articles on rare diseases! We’ll be working on those diseases listed by the Genetic and Rare Disease Information Center, using trusted National Library of Medicine resources like Genetics Home Reference, MedlinePlus, and PubMed.

If you’re new to adding citations, NNLM will be hosting a webinar with Dr. James Heilman, a physician and active WikiProject Medicine editor. Dr. Heilman will give attendees an overview of the importance of Wikipedia, and will demonstrate how to add a citation. NNLM’s webinar with Dr. Heilman is scheduled for 11am-12pm PDT on Thursday, March 29th. Participants are encouraged to register for the training even if they can’t attend, as all registered participants will receive a recording of the webinar. Please note: you must create a Wikipedia user account prior to the event to be able to participate.

NNLM staff from across the nation will be available Tuesday, April 17th from 9 am ET to 9 pm ET to support you as you add citations. Follow along with the fun on Twitter by checking hashtag #citeNLM2018!

promotion for nnlm editathon on april 17 9am-pm

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Apply Now for a 2018-19 NNLM PSR Funding Opportunity!

PSR Newsletter - Thu, 2018-03-15 14:02

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Call for Applications (CFA) for our popular Express Outreach Award funding program for 2018-2019! We intend to fund up to three (3) awards, at a maximum amount of $9,000 each. The complete details, including application instructions, are available on the NNLM PSR web site. Proposals submitted by Friday, April 20 will receive priority consideration.

The awards are designed to increase awareness of health information resources by health professionals, consumers, public health professionals, Regional Extension Centers, and minority health practitioners; to create culturally and linguistically appropriate resources; and to better integrate the role of libraries in clinical and translational science. Awards may include travel expenses for Network members to represent the NNLM PSR at regional, state, or local meetings. Project funds will be distributed on a cost-reimbursement basis.

Calls for Applications have also been issued for NNLM PSR Outreach Mini-Awards and Professional Development Awards. The RML expects to fund up to three Mini-Awards for a maximum amount of $2,000 each and three Professional Development Awards for a maximum amount of $1,500 each. For both awards, applications will be accepted continuously and reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Awards will be made until funds are expended. Outreach Mini-Awards are designed to support short-term projects, such as NLM traveling exhibition programming, one-time technology improvement (equipment) purchases, or one-day events such as health fairs, with an ultimate goal to promote knowledge of and access to National Library of Medicine resources for health care providers and consumers. Professional Development Awards are designed to support individuals wishing to attend professional conferences, workshops, and other educational opportunities in areas of health sciences librarianship or related disciplines.

All NNLM PSR Network members are eligible to apply for any of the awards. All project activities or professional development events must be conducted between May 1, 2018, and April 30, 2019. Award recipients are required to submit outreach activity reports, exhibit evaluation reports, professional development evaluation reports, and final project reports, as applicable. Awardees are also required to share any data or training material resulting from funding. Upon completion of projects or events, all award recipients are expected to submit an article for the NNLM PSR Latitudes newsletter blog, with highlights of the experience and lessons learned.

RML staff members are available to answer questions about the awards, or to discuss potential project ideas. We look forward to seeing your proposals!

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NNLM Online Course Offering: Community Assessment, March 26 – April 27, 2018

PSR News - Wed, 2018-03-14 14:39

The NNLM Evaluation Office (NEO) is offering a five-week workshop, EvalBasics 1 Community Assessment, running from March 26 through April 27. Community assessment is the essential fact-finding phase of program development. You form a picture of a target community or user group in order to develop beneficial programs and services for it. But community assessment, particularly for outreach programs, can be so much more than an evaluation activity. It provides opportunities to meet leaders who provide entry into the community, initiate relationships with potential collaborators, and express your interest in the lives of the people you want to serve. In this workshop, participants will learn a four-step process for conducting community assessment that includes data collection, interpretation, and use.

This workshop is approved for 8 hours of MLA Continuing Education (and CHIS) credit. It will take place through the Moodle platform, and can be completed at one’s own pace. For questions, contact Karen Vargas, NEO Evaluation Specialist.

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A Note from NLM Director Dr. Patricia Brennan to NNLM Members with Delivery of the 2017-2027 NLM Strategic Plan

PSR Newsletter - Tue, 2018-03-13 19:19

by Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD
Director, National Library of Medicine
Bethesda, MD

I am pleased to present you with A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health, the NLM Strategic Plan for 2017-2027. As it approaches its third century, the National Library of Medicine will do for data what it has done for the literature – create the tools to make it FAIR, guide the development of repositories to store it in a safe and accessible manner, and develop the linkages that makes seamless pathways between the literature, models, data, visualization tools, and people. The NLM will play a critical role in driving the shift to data-powered research and the inherent growing demand for access to our resources. We will foster new kinds of scientific communication while preserving the world’s biomedical knowledge in sustainable ways. In partnerships across NIH and around the world we will bring together the people and processes that create biomedical knowledge for health care, health, and economic growth.

This plan will guide us as we expand and enhance our research, development, training, and or literature and data resources to make more biomedical data easier to find, use, and understand. In doing so, we are fully committed to partnership with the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, the NIH Institutes and Centers, NIH grantees, scientists, health professionals, and members of the public. Over 1700 NLM staff members, hundreds of national and international librarians, informatics professionals, biomedical scientists, data scientists, clinicians, public health specialists, and other stakeholders advised us as we charted a pathway for the next ten years. The National Network of Libraries of Medicine plays a key role in bringing the NLM to the scientific, clinical, and lay communities. We value its members as collaborators and look to a future of growth in outreach and impact.

Even though the plan is now in final form, I welcome your comments and advice, too, as we begin its implementation. I invite you to be our partner in the adventure!

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Former MLA President Naomi Broering Announces Her Retirement!

PSR Newsletter - Mon, 2018-03-12 17:40
Naomi BroeringNaomi Broering

After a long and distinguished career in health sciences librarianship, Naomi Broering has announced her retirement from the profession in March, 2018, after having served in a number of key leadership positions. Naomi was most recently the Dean of Libraries at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, since 2001. Previously, she was Director of the Herrick Library at Grossmont Healthcare District in La Mesa, CA. Prior to her relocation to the NNLM Pacific Southwest Region in 1999, Naomi was the Executive Director of the NNLM South Central Region at the Houston Academy of Medicine–Texas Medical Center Library in Houston for nearly five years, and the Director of the Biomedical Information Resources Center and Medical Center Library at Dahlgren Memorial Library, Georgetown University Medical Center, in Washington, D.C. for 22 years. Naomi received her M.L.S. from UCLA, followed by a one-year NLM Postgraduate Fellowship at the UCLA Biomedical Library. She also completed all coursework for a PhD in history at UCLA, and earned an MA and BA (cum laude) from California State University, Long Beach. She served as Reference Librarian at the USC Norris Medical Library, completed a year of law school from West LA University in 1970-71, while serving as Hospital Librarian at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and earned a Government Management Certificate from George Washington University (CGS) in 1973.

During her tenure at PCOM from 2001-2018 and years at the Grossmont Healthcare District, Naomi was a strong advocate for the Network. She could be counted on to participate in an NNLM focus group, assist at an exhibit and demonstrate NLM resources, contribute to any NIH or NLM Request for Information, or provide other assistance to the RML as needed. Naomi has an exceptional track record of successfully applying for NNLM and NLM outreach awards. She conducted a series of projects involving extensive outreach to various communities in San Diego County. The projects had timelines ranging from 12-18 months, targeting both health care professional and consumer audiences. In developing and implementing projects, Naomi has developed collaborations with many community organizations, including public libraries, churches, community centers, veterans centers, and HIV/AIDS clinics. She has reached underserved communities populated by Hispanics, African Americans, Native and Pacific Islander Americans, immigrants, refugees, and areas of high HIV incidence. Naomi is well known and respected for promoting access to health information resources of the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

A particularly notable result of Naomi’s successful efforts with the Senior Health Project: Access to Electronic Health Information in San Diego was the PCOM Library being named one of the top ten finalists for the 2006 U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) Health Information Awards for Libraries. In addition to NNLM outreach awards, Naomi also successfully competed for several NLM HIV/AIDS Community Information Outreach Program awards, furthering the outreach penetration in the San Diego area. She also received an NLM Disaster Health Information Outreach & Collaboration Award in 2012, to conduct a project reaching out to San Diego County’s Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). To enhance the visibility of these significant outreach contributions, Naomi highlighted them as an author of many scholarly articles and presenter of papers and poster sessions. As an example of her efforts, Naomi published three articles in the Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, most recently in 2012, “HIV/AIDS Health Information Outreach Service in San Diego.”

Naomi has accumulated an extensive list of professional honors, awards, and contributions during her long career. She served as President of the Medical Library Association (MLA) in 1996-97 and received MLA’s Marcia Noyes Award in 2003, the association’s highest professional distinction. She was named an MLA Fellow in 1995, and a Distinguished Member of MLA’s Academy of Health Information Professionals. Naomi was editor of the Journal of the Medical Library Association (formerly the Bulletin) from 1991 to 1996. In 1986 she received MLA’s Frank Bradway Rogers Information Advancement Award. In service to the National Library of Medicine, Naomi was a member of a Planning Panel for the NLM Long Range Plan (2000-2005) and a member of the NLM Biomedical Library and Informatics Review Committee. In 2015, Naomi received MLA’s first Hispanic Heritage Award in recognition of her past accomplishments in medical librarianship and library informatics. She currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Friends of NLM.

Naomi was the Principal Investigator of the Georgetown University IAIMS Program, an NLM grant program. She oversaw development of the Georgetown University Library Information System, which included a “Mini-MEDLINE” Search System component. She has authored over 200 scholarly journal articles, two books, and has presented papers at national and international library conferences. At other related associations, Naomi was Secretary and Board member of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) 1992-1996 and was elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) in 1989-90. Other professional honors include the Special Libraries Association (SLA) 1999 Winifred Sewell Award, the SLA 1987 Professional Award, and the Vicennial Award from Georgetown University in 1995. She has been an active ALA member her entire career, serving on committees and programs, and is a lifetime member of ALA, MLA and retired member of AMIA/ACMI.

Join us in congratulating Naomi on her outstanding achievements in health sciences librarianship and wishing her the best in retirement!

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NIH MedlinePlus Magazine Winter 2018 Issue Available Online!

PSR News - Mon, 2018-03-12 16:56
Actor Jim Parsons on the cover of NIH MedlinePlus magazine

The Winter 2018 issue of NIH MedlinePlus Magazine is now available! Featured in the issue is Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor, Jim Parsons. Parsons recently produced and narrated “First in Human,” a Discovery Channel documentary series that followed four patients at the NIH Clinical Center. He discussed his experiences visiting NIH and learning directly from NIH researchers and their patients with NIH MedlinePlus magazine. The issue also features articles on the next frontier in antibiotic resistance, the future of total knee replacement surgery, fighting sickle cell disease, and NIH teaming up with public libraries for the “All of Us” Research Program.

NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine is the free, trusted consumer guide to the vast array of authoritative online health and medical information in MedlinePlus. Published four times a year, the magazine showcases the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) latest medical research and healthcare information. NIH MedlinePlus the Magazine is available online in both HTML and PDF format. You can also receive a print subscription or e-mail alerts.

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