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NNLM SEA Funding Announcement: All of Us Community Engagement Project Award – 10 Project Awards Available!

SEA News - Wed, 2018-11-14 13:18

The All of Us Research Program’s goal is to learn how differences between us might lead to different types of treatments. With a goal to have one million people participate in this study, researchers may use this information to improve the health for everyone. As part of a partnership with the All of Us Research Program, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern/Atlantic Region (NNLM SEA) is pleased to offer the All of Us Community Engagement Project Award.

Note: Due to an increase in award funding, we are now able to offer 10 Project Awards in the SEA Region instead of 2. Because of that, we are extending the deadline for applications.

Amount: Up to $10,000

Awards Available: Now up to 10 Project Awards!

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 9, 11:59 PM.

The purpose of the SEA All of Us Community Engagement Award is to support libraries for projects that improve health information literacy, improve access to, awareness of, and skills to locate high quality biomedical and health information, and improve understanding and importance in participation of clinical trials, including the All of Us Research program.

Potential Project Ideas

  • Hosting a symposium or panel presentations at public libraries that serve underrepresented or diverse populations on understanding clinical trials, informed consent, and what it means to participate in research.
  • Incorporating NLM health and science information resources and the All of Us Research Program community resources into new or existing health programs within public libraries. See National Health Observances for some ideas.
  • Training programs that educate finding and evaluating consumer health information found on the Internet and incorporate the All of Us Research Program.
  • Placing web-accessible computers in locations where they can be used by under-represented and minority populations to locate health information, free clinics, community health centers, and information on clinical trials, like the All of Us Research Program.
  • Train-the-trainer projects that enhance the skills of library staff and other consumer health information intermediaries to train a target population on locating and evaluating health information, clinical trials and informed consent, or the All of Us Research Program.
  • Exhibiting at community health fairs or presenting at local meetings to promote health literacy, NLM products and services, and the importance of participating in medical research.
  • Other creative ideas that integrate health information outreach and the All of Us Research program are strongly encouraged.

SEA staff are available for consultations. Please email NNLM SEA to schedule an appointment.

Please visit the All of Us Community Engagement Project Award for details regarding the award, eligibility, and to access the application.

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NNLM SEA Funding Announcement: Data Catalog Project Award – 2 Project Awards Available!

SEA News - Wed, 2018-11-14 09:01

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region (SEA) seeks applications to implement of an institutional data catalog aiding researchers and others in the discovery of data. The data catalog should make data findable and allow users to understand and connect to available local and national datasets.

A goal of this program is to promote FAIR Data Principles, advance research, data-sharing and accessibility through the use of a searchable online collection of data locaters.

Proposed projects should include datasets generated by the funded organization, but may also include publicly available and licensed datasets generated by external organizations. The catalog is designed to Increase the visibility of research data generated by the funded organizations’ researchers; facilitate collaboration across departments at the funded organization; help researchers locate and understand datasets generated at external organizations; and support the process of re-using research data.

Awards are limited to medical libraries supporting a large research endeavor.

In the period of the award, December – April 30, 2019, awardees will receive and install the open-source software, learn the structure of the data files, establish a workflow, and begin test entries.

Applicants are encouraged to make use of the open source data catalog created by New York University and to join the Data Catalog Collaboration Project; however, neither is a requirement. Support for data catalogs at awardee institutions must include a dedicated developer in the Personnel description to support its launch.

Amount: Up to $19,000

Awards Available: Up to two (2) Project Awards

Application Deadline: Sunday, December 9, 11:59 PM

SEA staff are available for consultations. Please email NNLM SEA to schedule an appointment.

Please visit the Research Data Management Project Award for details regarding the award, eligibility, and to access the application.

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Funding Opportunity –

MCR News - Tue, 2018-11-13 20:46

Are you attending the ALA Midwinter conference in Seattle? Did you know there is an exciting preconference about health disparities and health literacy at this year’s Midwinter conference?

About the Preconference

Implicit Bias, Health Disparities and Health Literacy: Intersections in Health Equity will be held on January 25, 2019 from 9 am to noon at the Washington State Convention Center during ALA Midwinter in Seattle, WA. The preconference is sponsored by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region, the Public Library Association, and the ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services. This interactive preconference will include presentations, facilitated table conversations, and self-reflection to help participants learn how libraries can deepen their work in health literacy and ensure a lasting impact for improving health in their communities.

 Funding Opportunity

If this sounds like it’s for you, the National Network of Libraries of Medicine MidContinental Region is pleased to announce that we are offering up to ten professional development awards for individuals interested attending the preconference. Public service and programming staff at public libraries who work at NNLM MCR member organizations in Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, and Missouri are eligible. No worries if your organization is not a current NNLM MCR member. It’s easy to join! Eligible costs for this award includes the preconference ticketed event for Implicit Bias, Health Disparities and Health Literacy: Intersections in Health Equity, roundtrip coach airfare, lodging costs, and  per diem for meals up to $1,000 total.

 How to Apply

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis until Monday, December 3, 2018. Preference will be given to first time professional development award applicants but please don’t let that stop you from applying. To obtain a copy of the application form for the ALA 2019 Midwinter preconference award, please contact Chris Pryor at or 573-884-5042.

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Resources to Support Wildfires Response & Recovery in Northern and Southern California

PSR Newsletter - Tue, 2018-11-13 19:12

On November 8, 2018, several wildfires erupted in the Butte and Solano counties of northern California and the Los Angeles and Ventura counties of southern California. This batch of wildfires includes the Camp Fire in Butte County which is now the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history with 42 civilian casualties and causing extensive damage to the town of Paradise. The Woolsey Fire, which has burned for several days, has destroyed properties and singed hillsides and coastline across 96,000 acres in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. On November 9, Acting Governor Gavin Newsom issued an emergency proclamation for the counties affected by the wildfires. On November 13, President Trump approved a major disaster declaration for California. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that federal disaster assistance has been made available to the state of California to supplement state, tribal and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by wildfires beginning on November 8 and continuing.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) has compiled resources to assist with response and recovery from the latest California wildfires. Information guides on disaster topics and the Disaster Lit® database provide access to curated, reliable information from vetted Federal, state, and local governments and organizations.

Key National Resources

Key California Resources

Butte County

Los Angeles County

Key Documents

Social Media

We will continue to provide updates to this list as additional news and information about the California wildfires is received.

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NCBI to assist in Virus Hunting Data Science Hackathon January 9-11 at San Diego State University!

PSR News - Tue, 2018-11-13 19:02

NCBI has announced the second installment of the SoCal Bioinformatics Hackathon, on January 9-11, 2019, hosted by the Computational Sciences Research Center at San Diego State University (SDSU)! Anyone interested in participating should have experience in computational virus hunting or adjacent fields to identify known, taxonomically-definable and novel viruses from a few hundred thousand metagenomic datasets that will be on cloud infrastructure.

This event is for researchers, including students and postdocs, who are already engaged in the use of bioinformatics data or in the development of pipelines for virological analyses from high-throughput experiments. The event is open to anyone selected for the hackathon and willing to travel to SDSU. Initial applications are due by Wednesday, December 12th, 2018, by 3:00pm PST. Participants will be selected based on the experience and motivation they provide on the form. Prior participants and applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

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Blue Ribbon Panel Review of NLM’s Intramural Research Program Released

PSR News - Tue, 2018-11-13 18:39

A Blue Ribbon Panel established to review the intramural research program of the National Library of Medicine has issued its report (PDF). The Panel was chaired by Russ Altman, MD, PhD, from Stanford University, and included eight additional leading experts with a broad knowledge of biomedical informatics, computational biology, and data science.

The report highlights the importance of NLM’s intramural research program to the larger biomedical informatics and data science community, NLM’s information services (e.g., PubMed, database of Genotypes and Phenotypes), and high-profile NIH initiatives including the NIH Data Science Strategic Plan. It examines the full scope of NLM’s intramural research program, including elements housed in both the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications (LHNCBC) and the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). The Panel found that NLM’s intramural research program is populated with talented scientists who produce high-quality research results and perform at a very high level. The Panel considers it absolutely critical that NLM have a vibrant and aggressive intramural research program. It calls for expanding NLM’s intramural research program to keep pace with the growing demand for novel biomedical informatics and data science approaches to biomedical research.

In growing NLM’s research program, the Panel recommends that NLM engage in a research portfolio evaluation and strategic planning exercise to align NLM research priorities with the NLM Strategic Plan, the research priorities of the NIH, and needs of the broader biomedical research community. It also recommends that NLM adopt one or more audacious, high-risk, high-reward projects to galvanize research across the organization and inspire the larger scientific community, while continuing to support and encourage investigator-driven research. In the report, the Panel also calls for NLM to improve the coordination of research conducted in NLM’s two research units, LHNCBC and NCBI, by managing its intramural research program as a seamlessly integrated program with a single scientific director. This does not mean reorganizing existing program units but managing the program as a whole to better leverage synergies between projects and make the most of available resources and research opportunities. Among its other recommendations, the Panel also calls for NLM to enhance research engagement with other Institutes and Centers at NIH, and establish more formalized processes for managing the interface between NLM’s intramural research and information service programs. It calls for NLM to “go big” in informatics and data science to capitalize on the opportunities before it.

In addition to Panel Chair Russ Altman, other Blue Ribbon Panel members included Michael Boehnke, PhD, from University of Michigan; Mollie Cummins, PhD, RN, from University of Utah; Valerie de Crecy-Lagard, PhD, from University of Florida; Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD, PhD, from Duke University; Kevin Johnson, MD, MS, from Vanderbilt University; Peter Szolovits, PhD, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Jill Taylor, PhD, from New York State Department of Public Health; and Jeanette Wing, PhD, from Columbia University.

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Exploring New Frontiers: CAST 2018

SCR News - Tue, 2018-11-13 16:20


debbie with snakeThis was my first year to attend and also to present at the annual Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST). The conference is hosted by the Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) and is meant as a professional development and networking opportunity for science educators, informal educators, and science advocates.

Like anything in Texas, it was huge! Over 6,000 people descended upon the Fort Worth conference center and two nearby hotels, with over 600 workshops and sessions, all to do with science. The theme was “Exploring New Frontiers”. From virtual labs, chemistry and biology, to physics and astronomy, there was something for everyone. The Exhibits hall was wondrous; lab equipment, anatomical models, and a variety of technologies. I even got to carry a baby Kangaroo at one point! Oh, and hold a snake, courtesy of The Creature Teacher.

Our keynote speaker was science communicator Dianna Cowern, creator of the one-million-subscriber YouTube channel Physics Girl. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from MIT. She spoke on how to communicate scientific concepts in the age of YouTube and gave demonstrations on stage. She described “the anatomy of a viral science video”. Some tips from her talk were: science is Instagram-able, and excitement is contagious!

escape roomMy own session was a collaboration with a science teacher and recognized NASA Solar System Ambassador, who I met at the SEEC conference earlier this year (link to post). We combined forces to give a presentation on STEM and literacy collaborations with a Health Connections segment. Our attendees got to walk on a very large Mars map and had to solve scientific puzzles in order to unlock further clues in “Escape Room” style to escape Mars. The activity was based off of the book The Martian (the classroom edition). The map was provided courtesy of Buzz Aldrin’s Share Space Foundation. I then guided educators through an astronaut scenario to be solved as a classroom exercise, introducing them to the NIH Curriculum Supplements. I gave examples on how to connect different science topics, giving examples on various resources from NLM and the NIH. It was a great time of learning and sharing scientific information!

Like NNLM SCR on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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Seeking Members – Virtual Reality in Health Science Libraries Community of Practice

MCR News - Tue, 2018-11-13 10:08

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine, MidContinental Region will soon launch the Virtual Reality in Health Science Libraries Community of Practice.

This online learning network will help participants research current initiatives, share experiences, and exchange technical information regarding virtual reality use in health science libraries.

The Virtual Reality in Health Sciences Libraries Community of Practice is a community open to all interested librarians in our region. No experience with virtual reality is necessary. You can decide how much time and effort you would like to devote to the group. Additionally, if you are interested in developing or expanding virtual reality services in your library, funding may be available for qualified applicants.

Attributed to Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger, the term community of practice (CoP) refers to the “process of social learning that occurs when people who have a common interest in some subject or problem collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations” (Allen and Apgar 2007).

For more information about Virtual Reality in Health Sciences Libraries CoP, please contact the community coordinator at

We hope you will consider joining us!

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Annual Deadline Approaches for Insurance Marketplace Sign-Ups

MCR News - Mon, 2018-11-12 18:14

This year’s open enrollment period to sign up for the Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act ends Dec. 15.

Learn how your library can help patrons meet the deadline at a Public Library Association webinar on Thursday.

The webinar is part of PLA’s Libraries Connecting You to Coverage initiative, a national partnership to assist uninsured consumers in enrolling in the Affordable Care Act. The initiative’s web page offers resources that can help you support patrons in making their insurance selections.

The webinar conducted by a panel of academic and public librarians takes place at 1 p.m. Central time, noon Mountain. Space is limited. Go to the registration page to sign up.

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SEASide Webinar: Getting off the Ground with Graphic Medicine – November 15, 2018 2PM ET

SEA News - Mon, 2018-11-12 12:52

Date/Time: Thursday, November 15, 2018. 2:00 PM ET/1:00 PM CT

Contact: For additional information or questions, please contact Aimee Gogan.

Pre-Register: Pre-registration for this free webinar is strongly recommended, but not required. Visit our registration page to sign up!

Presenters: Alice Jaggers, MSLS; Matthew Noe, MSLS; Rachel Sandieson, MLIS, M.Ed

Abstract: Are you interested in Graphic Medicine but aren’t sure where to begin? Join us for an engaging panel discussion with librarians experienced in developing Graphic Medicine collections and programming in medical libraries.

For a refresher on the field of Graphic Medicine, check out Matthew Noe’s 2017 webinar, Introduction to Graphic Medicine

Presenter Bios:

Alice Jaggers, MSLS is the Outreach Coordinator for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Library. She has been studying graphic medicine for about four years. She created a graphic medicine collection at her library starting in March 2017 and has been developing programming for the library and for the institution since then. You can find information about Alice in her blog, is external). Alice has also created a preliminary database of graphic medicine titles available at is external).

Matthew Noe, MSLS is the Collection Outreach Librarian at Countway Library, Harvard Medical School, where he specializes in graphic medicine and the medical humanities. He is also a Part-Time Instructor for School of Information at the University of Kentucky. He co-edits the Graphic Medicine website, maintaining the This Week in Graphic Medicine series and was recently appointed as the chair for the ALA Graphic Novels & Comics Round Table Resources & Toolkits Committee.

Rachel Sandieson, MLIS, M.Ed is the Information Manager in the Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University. She has previously worked as a Clinical Librarian at London Health Sciences Centre and as a library assistant at various Western Libraries locations, including the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library in the Research & Instructional Services department. Her research interests include graphic medicine, information literacy, virtual library services, library marketing, and systematic review methodologies. She recently presented at the Ontario Library Association’s 2018 conference on Graphic medicine & hospital libraries: Comic books as a new perspective on healthcare collections.

Upon completion of the SEAside Webinar, each participant will receive 1.0 contact hour of continuing education credit award by the Medical Library Association. Participants will receive a code to which they will enter in medlib-ed.

To Join the Training Session

To Join the Training Session (Quick Jump)

  1. Go to
    2. Enter your name and email address (or registration ID).
    3. Enter the session password: nnlm
    4. Click “Join Now”.
    5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

To Join the Session by Phone Only

  • To receive a call back, provide your phone number when you join the training session, or call the number below and enter the access code.
  • Call-in toll number (US/Canada):1-650-479-3208
  • Global call-in numbers
  • Access code: 624 565 799

To update this session to your calendar program (for example Microsoft Outlook), click this link

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Mobility for All, Bring Chair Yoga to Your Library

GMR News - Mon, 2018-11-12 12:21


Effingham Public Library, a catalyst for positive change, is excited to partner with the Greater Midwest Region of the National Library of Medicine to bring a series of chair yoga classes to our small, rural community.

The “Mobility for All” project responds to the latest Community Health Profile Report for Effingham, Illinois, that found a prevalence of overweight adults in Effingham County – 41.7%- as opposed to 35.8% nationally.

Even more troubling was the continued increase of respondents who shared that over the past week they’d had no leisure time for activity.   Only 20.7% of Effingham County residents had participated in any physical activities or exercises like running, golf, gardening or walking for exercise.

Yoga practice is relatively new to our community and chair yoga with its gentle and balanced approach to building strength and coordination is a non-threatening approach to exercise that is approved by most health care professionals.

Our goals with this project are two-fold.  First, Chair Yoga provides a safe form of low-impact exercise for almost anyone that improves mobility function and reduces symptoms like chronic back pain.  Second, much of our older population that lives in our rural community lacks access to broadband resources so providing free opportunities to learn more about trusted self-care practices and resources is crucial and the National Institute of Health is the perfect partner for this project.

Partnership with the GMR has given us a chance to order and share print resources like the National Institute on Aging’s Healthy Eating After 50, Pain:  You Can Get Help, Exercise & Physical Activity, and the Workout to Go booklet with this group.

With a large clear space, armless chairs (folding chairs will work), and an instructor who is particularly excited to work with anyone, but especially older people, Chair Yoga is an obvious choice for libraries.  Participating libraries will provide their community a great new exercise opportunity, trustworthy health information and increase their programming numbers too!




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Living in Freedom Together (LIFT)

NER News - Mon, 2018-11-12 12:03


The following post is written by Nicole Bell, the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization LIFT (Living in Freedom Together). 

Nicole Bell and Dr. Marianne Sarkis from Clark University were recently awarded a Community Engagement grant from the New England region. The name of their  project is “Trauma-Informed Training for Health Providers, Educators, and Community-Based Agencies to Identify, Treat and Support Victims of Commercial SExual Exploitation and Sex-Trafficking.”

As a survivor of prostitution I cannot tell you the number of times I presented in medical settings only to feel as if I were invisible to those providing care for me. I felt like they blamed me for the violence I was experiencing in prostitution or felt like they were too uncomfortable to have a conversation about my victimization and unsure of what to say to me or where to send me for support.

As the founder and CEO of Living In Freedom Together (LIFT) Inc, a survivor led nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources, advocacy and support to empower individuals to exit the commercial sex industry I am now fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide education and training to medical providers and students on identifying and responding to individuals who are being commercially sexually exploited.

Myself and Marianne Sarkis had the idea for the project with the National Network of Library Medicine after conducting many of these educational sessions and being broached with questions regarding intervention techniques for working with victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. Most medical providers agreed they had been seeing survivors but were unsure how to start the conversation and more importantly where to refer to if they did.

We decided to create a tool, with the support of the NNLM, that medical providers could use to not only identify victims, but with tips and strategies for engaging with and supporting victims of CSE. We have done a thorough literature review of what tools currently exist and are tailoring a tool that doesn’t just work to identify victims of sex trafficking but victims of commercial sexual exploitation as a whole.

We have been a part of many educational forums over the last few months and are building partnerships in the medical community that will help us to launch and evaluate our tool.

We are very excited to get a practical guide, utilizing evidence-based approaches into the hands of our medical community so that individuals in prostitution no longer need feel invisible, shamed, or unsupported by their medical providers.



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National Family Health History Day

GMR News - Fri, 2018-11-09 13:46

Written by Erika Johnson. Erika is a health sciences librarian at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences and a GMR Partner Outreach Librarian

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner – a day when families gather to enjoy time together. Did you know that Thanksgiving Day is also National Family Health History Day? Chances are you will be seeing grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members who have important memories to share. What a great opportunity to start a conversation about your family’s health! Documenting medical and health information is an important part of protecting your family’s health in the future.

As librarians and information specialists, we can help spread the word about this often-overlooked element of family history. In September, I gave a presentation at a family history workshop. My session focused on how librarians can help genealogists locate and learn about their relatives. I also included a brief section on gathering medical and health information as an important component of a family’s history.

The 2018 workshop, “Over There,” presented by the Heritage Education Commission, was the organizations 43rd annual workshop. With planning already underway for the 44th annual workshop in 2019, I’m looking forward to focusing my next presentation on family health history and leaving the genealogy stuff the experts! There are many excellent resources available from the NNLM and other organizations. Here are just a few that I plan to use as I create my next presentation:


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Course on Providing Multilingual and Multicultural Health Information

MCR News - Fri, 2018-11-09 13:19

How can a library provide health information to its users who have a culturally diverse background and speak one or more languages other than English? An online course that starts in January will demonstrate how.

From Beyond Our Borders: Providing Multilingual and Multicultural Health Information is an opportunity for librarians to better understand the available resources that they can provide for diverse populations with specific health needs within their community.

The course will give participants an understanding of the current population of refugees, immigrants, and migrant and seasonal farm workers in the U.S. It will discuss how cultural humility can influence the library’s surrounding environment, and introduce reliable websites with quality health information translated into multiple languages. Participants will be able  to construct their own outreach project from what they’ve learned and incorporate it into their library by the end of the course.

The class runs from Jan. 7 to Feb. 4.

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Weekly Postings

MAR News - Fri, 2018-11-09 10:58

See something of interest? Please share our postings with colleagues in your institutions!


The MAReport: read the Summer/Fall 2018 issue of the MAReport newsletter! Have you had the chance to meet our Health Programming Coordinator? Learn more about the newest member of the MAR team, Michael Balkenhol!

DOCLINE users! Please review the DOCLINE 6.0 Preview Checklist. Questions or concerns? Contact the DOCLINE Coordinating Office (NDCO) via email: or telephone: (410) 706-4173.

National Network of Libraries of Medicine News

NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Awards: NNLM MAR is accepting applications for the NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Award, for projects that broaden access to, and awareness of health information resources, aim to increase health literacy for the general public in their service community, and raise awareness of the All of Us Research Program.

  • For projects between $20,000 and $50,000, applications are due today, November 9.
  • For projects up to $19,000, applications are due next Friday, November 16.
  • If funded, all projects must be completed by April 30, 2019.
  • Watch a brief video to learn more about this opportunity from NNLM MAR’s Executive Director.

Apply to Host a Traveling Exhibition: complete a brief survey by the end of the day today (November 9) to indicate your interest in hosting a traveling exhibition from the National Library of Medicine.

National Rural Health Day 2018 – MARquee News Highlights

New on YouTube: HSLANJ Group Licensing Initiative, November 5, 2018


Seeking Innovative Methods in Biomedical Informatics and Data ScienceNLM Musings from the Mezzanine, Innovations in Health Information from the Director of the U.S. National Library of Medicine

NLM in Focus, a Look Inside the U.S. National Library of Medicine

NIH Director’s Blog

Apply for the 2019-2020 NLM Associate Fellowship Program – The National Library of Medicine is currently accepting applications for their Associate Fellowship Program, a one-year residency program for recent library science graduates interested in a career in health sciences librarianship. The program combines curriculum and project work and is located at the National Library of Medicine on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn more about this opportunity and submit your application before January 25, 2019.

NIH News in Health: Check out the November 2018 issue of NIH News in Health, featuring, “Nurturing Healthy Neighborhoods: Communities Affect Health,” and, “Feeling the Burn?: Options for Acid Reflux”. Other features include taking aspirin daily, oral health tips, and cancer fact sheets.

NLM and NNLM Educational Opportunities

All are webinars, unless noted. Please note that the class registration system requires obtaining an NNLM account prior to registration. Learn how to register for classes from the NTO.

NNLM and NLM classes are free and open to all. Please feel free to share these opportunities!

Health and Wellness @ the Library: The Essentials of Providing Consumer Health Services – November 12-December 14, 2018 – Are you interested in consumer health? Does an interactive, robust learning experience with other engaged librarians appeal to you? If so, join MCR and PSR for this offering! Designed to cover eight core competencies, this free online course provides a rich learning experience to build all the essential skills for providing consumer health information services. Participants are eligible for up to 12 MLA CE as well as credit toward the Consumer Health Information Specialization (CHIS) from MLA.

Help Us Combat the World’s Most Dangerous Animal with an App! – November 14, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET – Mosquitoes are the world’s most dangerous animal, and there is something we can all do to reduce the threat of mosquito-transmitted disease in our communities. Join SCR for this webinar to find out why mosquitoes are so dangerous and to learn how NASA Earth-observing satellite data is being used in an effort to predict, monitor, and respond to vector-borne disease around the world. In this presentation, participants will be introduced to a program that connects with citizen scientists of all ages to monitor changes in the frequency, range, and distribution of potential disease vector mosquitoes by reporting observations using the GLOBE Observer Mosquito Habitat Mapper app.

New Horizons for NLM Traveling Exhibitions – November 14, 4:00-5:00 PM ET – When the National Library of Medicine completed and published its Strategic Plan for 2017-2027, one of its goals was to reach more people in more ways through enhanced dissemination and engagement. To help us reach this goal, the Exhibition Program at NLM will soon introduce a new engagement initiative for customers who host our traveling exhibitions. Join this webinar hosted by PNR to find out more about this new initiative, Exhibitions Connect.

Inside Our Minds – November 16, 3:00-4:00 PM ET – Inside Our Minds is a Pittsburgh-based organization that works to elevate the voices of people with lived experience of mental illness and madness. As an entirely peer-controlled organization, Inside Our Minds works in response to the lack of people with lived experience of the mental health system involved in leading and advising mental health advocacy organizations. Sponsored by MAR, this webinar will discuss the foundations of Inside Our Minds and its commitment to community-based radical mental health programming, providing an overview of what Inside Our Minds offers and why it is important for our community.

Understanding Grief After an Overdose Death – November 28, 1:00-2:00 PM ET – Sponsored by NER, this webinar focuses on the dynamics of grief after a death caused by substance use. It begins with a look at three key questions people bereaved by an overdose death commonly ask themselves: “Why did the person die from an overdose?” “Did the person intend to die?” “Was the death preventable?” It also covers the stigma, stress, and trauma that can come with grief after a death from substance use, and it considers issues that begin to influence survivors’ experience of grief and loss long before a death occurs, such as struggling with a loved one’s addiction and the demands of caring for a chronically ill person.

Understanding the Opioid Crisis: Where do I begin? – November 28, 2:00-3:00 PM ET – An estimated 1.9 million people in the U.S. have a prescription opioid use disorder, while another 586,000 have a heroin use disorder. Sponsored by MAR, this class will help you to understand what addiction and opioids are and where you can find authoritative information to understand this complex epidemic. Participants will learn about many resources and explore ideas for their use in community outreach education and programs. This class is appropriate for anyone providing health information to the general public including public and medical librarians, patient or community educators and healthcare professionals.

NNLM Resource Picks: LactMed and Livertox – November 28, 3:00-4:00 PM ET – Join MCR for the next session in NNLM’s collaborative, bimonthly, webcast series featuring National Library of Medicine resources. This webinar will include an overview and search demonstrations for two NLM resources, LactMed and Livertox. LactMed contains information on drugs, dietary supplements, and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers might be exposed. LiverTox provides information about drug induced liver injury caused by prescription and nonprescription drugs, herbals and dietary supplements.

Health and Nutrition Literacy: The Social Determinants of Health, Healing & Patient Safety – December 4, 2:00-3:00 PM ET – Healthy People 2020 recognizes that, “Health starts in our homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities.” We know that taking care of ourselves by eating well and staying active, avoiding smoking & nicotine, getting immunizations and screening tests, adequate sleep and having access to healthcare when we are sick all influence our health. These factors are called the Social Determinants of Health and play out in our overall health and wellness. The ability to understand these factors and how they interact with, “the resources and supports available in our homes, neighborhoods, and communities; the quality of our schooling; the safety of our workplaces; the cleanliness and quality of our water, food, and air; and the nature of our social interactions and relationships” plays a key role in our health healing & ultimately reflects in our recovery response to healthcare services. Sponsored by SCR, this presentation will not only explain these intersections of life, health literacy and society but also offer community-based and programmatic solutions.

From the Mountains to the Sea: Rural Health Issues and Resources – December 6, 2:00-3:00 PM ET – Evidence shows that there are marked health disparities between those living in rural areas versus their urban counterparts. Not only do rural residents suffer from higher incidence of chronic illness, they also have limited access to primary care services and are more likely to be uninsured or under-insured. Sponsored by NER, this session will describe hallmarks of rural America, identify other access challenges of living in rural communities, and equip participants with tools to service the health information needs of those living in rural communities.

Other Items of Interest

Job posting:

Enrollment is now open for the 2019 Marketplace health plan. Sign up by December 15 for coverage starting January 1.

National Library of Medicine Resources for Citizen Scientists – November 12, 2:00-3:00 PM ET – Citizen science is an amazing way to participate in health-focused research efforts, and it can often be done from a mobile device, from one’s home, or from a library. Libraries are ideal partners for citizen scientists! In this class, participants can expect to learn how to support citizen science in their communities and ways that libraries can easily participate. Hosted by ACRL/HSIG and presented by Elaina Vitale from NNLM MAR.

Apply now to participate in the 2019 Critical Appraisal Institute for Librarians! – Craving more confidence in leading EBM sessions for medical students? Puzzled on how to guide students about study design and in depth critical appraisal? Frustrated with statistics? This six week online program will develop librarian’s critical appraisal skills via enhanced understanding of research design, biomedical statistics, and clinical reasoning to apply knowledge in teaching target populations. The program will take place January 23-March 4, 2019. Participants may be eligible for up to 35 MLA CE credits (approval pending).

Call for Applications to the MLA Research Training Institute (RTI) – Apply by December 1 for this week-long residential workshop that provides librarians and library information professionals with the opportunity to work intensively on research design and planning to conduct research, that improves practice and adds to the professional knowledgebase. The workshop will be held in Chicago from July 15–19, 2019.

MAR Postings is a comprehensive weekly news series authored by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region (NNLM MAR)

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NNLM SEA Digest News – November 9, 2018

SEA News - Fri, 2018-11-09 09:46

Welcome to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), Southeastern/Atlantic (SEA) Region’s Weekly Digest. This digest includes upcoming events, online training opportunities, news, and past events.  


Upcoming Online Training Opportunities*

Moodle LMS Asynchronous Course Opportunity

Webinars November 13 – November 15

Webinars November 16 – 26

Visit the NNLM Training Schedule for all upcoming webinars, scheduled, and on-demand classes. For past webinars and classes, please visit the NNLM on YouTube**

National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Library of Medicine (NLM), and National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) News

NIH News

NLM News

NLM Technical Bulletin

NCBI Insights

Miscellaneous News

NNLM SEA Communications

* Notes on NNLM Training Opportunities

  • All sessions listed are sponsored by a specific regional or national office, but open to all.
  • Webinars are scheduled for 1 hour unless otherwise noted.
  • The NNLM class registration system requires a free NNLM account prior to registration.
  • Visit the NNLM Training Opportunities to register and view a full calendar of training opportunities.
  • Please visit the NNLM Acronym Guide to understand the acronyms.
  • Refer to this guide to claim MLA CE credit.
  • Not all Training Opportunities listed provide MLA CE credit. Please refer to the class page to see if a specific session offers credit.

** Please note that NNLM recordings on YouTube may not have MLA CE Credit available. Please contact the regional office that sponsored the webinar for details.


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Webinar Announcement: NNLM Resource Picks, LactMed and Livertox

SEA News - Thu, 2018-11-08 10:33

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Time: 3 PM ET / 2 PM CT

Presenter: James Knoben, PharmD, MPH, Specialized Information Services, National Library of Medicine

Presenter: Dr. Phil Anderson

Description: NNLM Resource Picks is a collaborative, bimonthly, webcast series featuring the National Library of Medicine resources to increase awareness of these resources as well as encourage their integration by libraries and other organizations to more fully serve their colleagues and communities. The purpose of this NNLM Resource Picks presentation is to familiarize participants with the drug toxicity resources LactMed and Livertox available online from the National Library of Medicine. The live session will include an overview and search demonstrations for each database. LactMed contains information on drugs, dietary supplements, and other chemicals to which breastfeeding mothers might be exposed. It includes information on the levels of those substances in breast milk and infant blood, as well as possible adverse effects in a nursing infant. LiverTox provides information about drug induced liver injury caused by prescription and nonprescription drugs, herbals and dietary supplements.

For More Information:

To join the training session:
1. Go to
2. Enter your name and email address (or registration ID).
3. Enter the session password: picks.
4. Click “Join Now”.
5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

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National Rural Health Day 2018

MAR News - Thu, 2018-11-08 07:00

November 15, 2018 is National Rural Health Day. The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health reserves the third Thursday of November to “Celebrate the Power of Rural”. National Rural Health Day is an opportunity to honor rural communities and highlight the unique healthcare challenges they face. Visit the National Rural Health Day website to learn more about how you can get involved. You can even share how you will celebrate National Rural Health Day.

If you want to learn more about rural health, visit MedlinePlus to review their topic page on Rural Health Concerns. The Rural Health Information Hub also has a wealth of information about this topic, including data and statistics about rural issues, state specific rural health information, and funding opportunities for organizations working to improve rural health.

Once you have celebrated National Rural Health Day in November, join the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, New England Region on December 11, 2018 at 2 PM ET for the class, From the Mountains to the Sea: Rural Health Issues and Resources. This class will describe hallmarks of rural America, identify other access challenges of living in rural communities, and equip participants with tools to service the health information needs of those living in rural communities.

You can also see the presentation slides from a presentation given on October 27th, 2018 by the Middle Atlantic Region’s Health Professions Coordinator at the New York State Association of Rural Health annual conference. This presentation was titled, Trusted Resources to Support Rural Health and focused on resources that can support public health initiatives in rural communities.

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Employment Opportunity: NNLM PNR Health Professions Outreach Coordinator

SEA News - Wed, 2018-11-07 16:22

NNLM PNR Health Professions Outreach Coordinator

For the complete job description:

The University of Washington Health Sciences Library (HSL) has an outstanding opportunity for a Health Professions Coordinator in the regional office of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Pacific Northwest Region.

The incumbent will be part of a collaborative outreach team delivering training and educational programming, in addition to supporting other services of the NNLM PNR, to promote access to and sharing of biomedical and health information resources and data in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. As a core position in the RML, the Health Professions Coordinator develops educational programming about timely healthcare and health information topics, and gives trainings and presentations featuring resources produced by the National Library of Medicine for health professionals, medical librarians, and state or regional professional associations.

This position will also be expected to participate in assessing needs and developing programs for community college libraries and librarians at minority serving institutions with programs in the health sciences, emergency management, and environmental health. The NNLM PNR is funded by a cooperative agreement from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the regional office works closely with the other seven regions of the NNLM, five National Coordinating Offices and the National Network Coordinating Office (NNCO) headquartered at the National Library of Medicine.

The NNLM PNR regional office is housed in the UW Health Sciences Library (HSL).

This is a full-time professional staff position and is open until filled.

For a complete job description and application details please see the full job posting.

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, the University is required to verify and document the citizenship or employment authorization of each new employee.

For questions about this position, or questions regarding potential disability accommodations, please contact Erik Dahl <>

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NLM Mourns the Loss of Donald West King, MD, Former Deputy Director for Research and Education

PSR News - Wed, 2018-11-07 14:23

Donald West King, MD, who served as Deputy Director for Research and Education for the National Library of Medicine from 2002 to 2008, died from complications of cancer on October 21, 2018. An ambassador and advocate for NLM’s information products and services, Dr. King created opportunities to highlight NLM’s mission and achievements, and he nurtured relationships with a diverse range of scientific and public health organizations and the library community. Following his retirement from NLM, Dr. King served as Chairman of the Board and President of the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (FNLM). Former NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD, noted that: “In addition to Don King’s wise scientific advice, he was charming and exceedingly generous. He provided all of NLM with his unfailingly encouraging ‘cheers.’”

A Lindberg-King lectureship, established in 2015, is held annually to honor both Dr. King and Dr. Lindberg. The lectureship supports the mission of its sponsors: NLM, FNLM, and the American Medical Informatics Association. The lectures provide a forum to bring important insights about the history, current state, and future prospects for advances in medical informatics and pathobiology to a broad scientific and public audience.

Prior to joining NLM, Dr. King held positions of leadership at many prestigious institutions, including the American Registry of Pathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology; the Given Institute of Pathobiology; the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago; and the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He also taught at the University of Louisville, the University of Chicago, Yale University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University.

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