NN/LM System Requirements

NN/LM is committed to the web standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We are also committed to assisting network members in complying with NLM's DOCLINE System Requirements (being especially sure to follow the recommended settings for managing your browser's cache). Therefore we actively test and support the same standards-compliant web browsers as DOCLINE. Our supported browsers include recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Firefox 40.0 or higher

Our recommended browser is Firefox, which is available for most operating systems from the Mozilla Foundation at no cost. For improved usability and security, we recommend that you set Firefox to automatically install updates. In recent versions of Firefox, look for Options (or Preferences) / Advanced / Update to find your current update settings. Firefox is freely available for almost all operating systems.  In most instances, you can have Firefox running at the time as another browser, so there are few technical reasons for avoiding the use of Firefox.

Internet Explorer 10 or higher

For improved usability and security, please stay up-to-date with Internet Explorer.

Get familiar with how to change IE's Compatibility Mode. This feature is good on some sites but not on nnlm.gov. How to toggle it on and off differs somewhat depending on your version of IE. Check with your information technology (IT) support people to learn more about how Compatibility Mode affects performance at your institution.

Please note: Some features of the NN/LM Moodle may not function properly unless you are using IE 10 or higher.

Required to use an old version of IE?

If you are required to use an old version of IE in order to use proprietary systems at your instition, please ask your IT support department to install Firefox so that you can utilize websites such as PubMed and nnlm.gov. It is common to have both IE and Firefox installed on Microsoft Windows computers so that you can access the various systems your work requires. Most IT staff will be sympathetic with the usability and security concerns related to use of out-of-date browsers once they are aware of your work requirements.

Other browsers?

We do not actively support other browsers but you are welcome to try Google Chrome, Safari, and other browsers as long as they meet your needs. If you run into issues, please try Firefox.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the policies stated above, please use the Feedback link at the top of any nnlm.gov page.