National Network of Libraries of Medicine
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User Tutorials

Welcome to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine website. In addition to a new look and mobile responsive design, we have added or updated a number of features:

  • NNLM user accounts can now be created on the site. These accounts will allow you to register for classes and update NNLM member organizations.
  • The new NNLM Members Directory provides an easy way to find member organizations by name, region, state, city, county, and organization type
  • The national funding opportunities page offers an overview of all NNLM available awards across the country.
  • The past funded projects page shows previous awards that have been given out. This page is helpful to get a better understanding of what type of projects that we fund.

You can use the videos below to learn how to create an account, apply for membership, sign up for a class, and more! Looking for a tutorial on a topic that is not currently available? You can use the Feedback widget on the Web Services Office (NWSO) homepage to make a suggestion!

Video Tutorials