2015 WebDevConf Group Photo
NN/LM Web Developers Conference Attendees, May 14, 2015 in Austin. Photo by our AV guy at the Convention Center.

The National Network of Libraries of Medicine Website is produced by the staff of the Regional Medical Libraries, the National Network Office, the National Training Center and Clearinghouse, and the Outreach Evaluation Resource Center. You are welcome to contact one of our regional web liaisons if you have questions or comments.

nnlm.gov Regional Web Liaisons

Greater Midwest Region

Carol Bean, , ,

Midcontinental Region

John Bramble, , ,

Middle Atlantic Region

Angie Zack, ,

National Library of Medicine Training Center

Matt Steadman, ,

New England Region

Robert Vander Hart,

Outreach Evaluation Resource Center

Cynthia Olney,

Pacific Northwest Region

Adam Garrett, ,

Pacific Southwest Region

Marco Tamase, ,

South Central Region

Melissa Salas, , ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Colette Beaulieu, ,

The website infrastructure is administered by NN/LM's Web Services Technology Operations Center (Web-STOC). A committee of advisors has been established to offer advice to Web-STOC and the NN/LM National Network Office on national and cross-regional policies, directions, and implications related to the web services provided on the systems administered by Web-STOC, and to encourage and facilitate interregional collaboration. Members of the committee are:

  • Renae Barger (MAR)
  • Catherine Burroughs (PNR)
  • Jon Goodell (SCR)
  • Kelli Ham (PSR)
  • Claire Hamasu (MCR)
  • Beth Layton (GMR)
  • Mary Piorun (NER)
  • Dale Prince (SE/A)

Ex Officio members

  • Dianne Babski (NLM)
  • Tania Bardyn (UW Libraries)
  • Michael Boer (Web-STOC)
  • Renee Bougard (NLM)
  • Lisa Boyd (NLM)
  • Margaret McGhee (NLM)
  • Cindy Olney (OERC)
  • Jessi Van Der Volgen (NTC)

We want to know if you run into any problems during your visit (see NN/LM System Requirements). If you have any suggestions, please use the "Feedback" form listed at the top of any page. We'd love to hear what you think.

Previous liaisons, developers, and other staff have made significant contributions to the resources available here. Thank you: Jeff Alpi, Kris Alpi, Max Anderson, Susan Barnes, Aron Beal, Maryanne Blake, Greg Bodin, Karla Bourque, Wes Browning, Michael Carr, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Judy Consales, George Constance, Barbara Cosart, Maureen Czujak, Jules Darren, Whitney Davison-Turley, Robert DeAngelo, Sharon Dennis, Nikki Dettmar, Daniel Dollar, Ed Donnald, Carol Evans, Stephanie Friree, Sherrilyne Fuller, Claire Gadzikowski, Geoff Gerrietts, Penny Glassman, Kelly Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, Naomi Gonzalez, John Harold, Missy Harvey, Gregg Headrick, Colette Hochstein, Paul Hoffman, Ruth Holst, Emily Hurst, Lisa Jacob, Mary (Van Antwerp) Keil, Janice Kelly, Shawn Klejmont, Barb Kuchan, Julie Kwan, Mahria Lebow, Andrea Lynch, Michelle Malizia, Charniel McDaniel, Linda Milgrom, Michael Miller, Myrna Morales, Peggy Mullaly-Quijas, Mary Mylenki, Maren Neimeier, Barbara Nicholson, Joey Nicholson, Denise O'Shea, Janet Ohles, Karen Olson, Dena Plaisted, Nancy Press, Jack Raines, Neil Rambo, Angela Ruffin, Heidi Sandstrom, Chris Shaffer, Greg Shymko, Lora-Lynn Stevens, Ralph Talley, Tiffany Tawzer, Jason Varghese, Bryan Vogh, Stephanie Weldon, Pam White, Cara Wilhelm, & Toni Yancey.

Please see our system requirements.