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Nursing on the Net: Health Care Resources You Can Use


1. TRUE OR FALSE (please circle correct answer)

T F All health information on the web is accurate and reliable.

T F Health care professionals are in constant need of current, authoritative medical information in order to help them take better care of their patients.

T F MedlinePlus offers weekly consumer health information email announcements.

2. Name three criteria for evaluating a web site.

3. What is your favorite web site for obtaining nursing information?

4. A nurse calls your library and requests a copy of the standard of practice for the care of a patient with a chest tube. Where could you go for this information?

5. Name two web sites that provide information about drugs approved by the FDA.

6. A nurse at your hospital comes to you requesting a definition of "acquired mutations." She said that it somehow had something to do with rare diseases. Where would be a good starting point for your search?

7. What is the difference between MedlinePlus and PubMed/MEDLINE?