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¿No Comprende?  Online Health Resources for English Speakers Serving Spanish Speaking Communities


Cultural Competence & Health Literacy

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA):

Office of Minority Health (OMH):

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ):

NN/LM SE/A Health Literacy Toolkit:

American Medical Association Health Literacy Toolkit:

HRSA Free Online Health Literacy Course:

HRSA “About Health Literacy”:


U.S. Census Bureau:

Spanish Language

SpanishSpanish  Alphabet:

Spanish Flashcards:

Flashcard Exchange:


StudySpanish Medical Vocabulary:

Spanish Diacritics ( ‘  ~ )

Spanish Typeit: 

University of Michigan – Diacritics for Mac and PC:

Lingolex Internet Vocabulary:

PolyGlot Medical Spanish Translator:

Oregon Occupational Safety & Health Division English-Spanish Dictionary PDF:

Practicing Spanish Medical Vocabulary:

123 TeachMe Medical Spanish:

Babelfish Online Translator:

Google Online Translator:|es|

Evaluation of Online Spanish Health Information

MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing:

Evaluation Practice Group Activity – Evaluate these Spanish websites. Which seem like good resources and why?:

Online Health Resources:

MedlinePlus in Spanish:

PubMed (Use Limits>Language>Spanish):


National Cancer Institute in Spanish:

AIDSinfo in Spanish:

Aidsinfonet in Spanish:

HealthFinder in Spanish:

FirstGOV in Spanish:

CDC in Spanish:

Pam American Health Organization in Spanish: 

World Health Organization in Spanish:

Family Doctor in Spanish:

New York Online Access to Health (NOAH) in English/Spanish:

KidsHealth in Spanish

For parents:

For teens:                                         

For kids:

American Diabetes Association in Spanish:

Diabetes Education Program in Spanish:

NN/LM Consumer Health Information in Many Languages:

AdCouncil’s Healthy Lifestyles:

Search/Review Resources for Medical Spanish Apps (for iPhone, iPod, etc)



MacWorld’s App Guide: