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First People, Lasting Health: Online Resources for Native-American Health Information


Whether you are a community health care worker, a librarian, or just want to be informed, this hands-on class will show you the best places to find Native health information on the Internet. You will learn about health disparities and how they impact Native American communities, the major health concerns of Native Americans, reliable online resources for Native American health information, reliable online resources to aid your community outreach efforts in Native American communities, and about NLM exhibitions that you can use to complement your outreach work to Native Americans. This hands-on class is 2 hours.


  • Understand the significance of health disparities in Native American communities
  • Identify some reliable online Native American health resources
  • Navigate MedlinePlus to find general and Native health information
  • Explore community outreach to Native American communities

Course Materials


Greater Midwest Region

Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Midcontinental Region

Dana Abbey, Health Information Literacy Coordinator/Colorado, Health Information Literacy Coordinator/Colorado,

New England Region

Michelle Eberle, Consumer Health Information Coordinator,

Pacific Northwest Region

Patricia Devine, Network Outreach Coordinator, , ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator,


Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator, NN/LM, Southeastern Atlantic Region (SEA) and Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator, NN/LM, Greater Midwest Region
Original Developer: Sheila Snow-Croft was the Outreach Coordinator for the NN/LM SEA and currently is the Public Health Coordinator for the SEA.