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And PICO Was His Name-o: what to look for in an EBM study

3 hours, 3 MLA CE contact hours


A good clinical question is integral to successful Evidence Based Medicine, as is a basic understanding of the types of studies one can look to for answers. Attendees of this three hour class will strengthen their ability to formulate well-structured, answerable research questions, using the PICO model, and develop a clear understanding of different study designs, including strengths and weaknesses. The class includes instructor presentation and lecture, readings, class discussion and exercises.


  • Explain the purpose of asking a well-structured question
  • Create well-built, answerable questions based on patient problems
  • Use the components of the question to develop a search strategy
  • Identify the types of study designs
  • Recognize study strengths and weaknesses


  • Class introductions
  • Intro to EBM and the importance of a good question
  • PICO scenarios
  • Break
  • Types of studies
  • Study design exercises
  • Evaluation

Course Materials



Sheila Snow-Croft, Public Health Coordinator, NN/LM, SE/A Region