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Will Duct Tape Cure My Warts? Examining Complementary and Alternative Medicine


The goal of this class is to increase understanding of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Students will learn the history of CAM and its impact on medical practices. They will learn how CAM is used, how to avoid “bad science” and how to look up evidence of the effectiveness of CAM therapies. This class is offered for 2 hours or 4 hours. Both classes will include lecture, discussion, and hands-on training.


  • Have knowledge of the definition and types of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
  • Have greater knowledge of the history of CAM and its impact on medical practice.
  • Have greater understanding of usage of CAM.
  • Increase confidence in evaluating health websites.
  • Increase skills in avoiding “bad science” found on the Internet or in the news.
  • Become more proficient in searching for evidence of the effectiveness of CAM.

Course Materials

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of this class, each participant will receive 2 or 4 hours of continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association. Certificates will be delivered through the mail at a later date.


Greater Midwest Region

Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Midcontinental Region

Barbara Jones, Network Membership and Missouri Liaison, ,

Middle Atlantic Region

Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, , ,

New England Region

Michelle Eberle, Consumer Health Information Coordinator,

Pacific Northwest Region

Carolyn Martin, Consumer Health Outreach Coordinator,

Pacific Southwest Region

Kay Deeney, Educational Services Coordinator, , ,

Kelli Ham, Consumer Health and Technology Coordinator, ,

South Central Region

Adela Justice, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Terri Ottosen, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator,

Update Author

Adela Justice, Consumer Health Coordinator, NN/LM South Central Region

Original Authors

Michelle Malizia, former Associate Director, NN/LM South Central Region

Karen Vargas, Evaluation Specialist, NN/LM Outreach Evaluation Resource Center