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Beyond an Apple a Day:
Providing Consumer Health Information at Your Library


This hands-on class will cover the health information seeking behavior of consumers and the role of the librarian in the provision of health information for the public. Come learn about the evolution of consumer health, health literacy and the e-patient. Participants will be equipped with knowledge of top consumer health sites, e-patient resources and collection development core lists. We will discuss creative ideas for health information outreach. The class will wrap up with an opportunity to explore effective marketing approaches and develop an elevator speech.


This class teaches you the basics of providing consumer health information at your library. We will cover:

  • History and evolution of consumer health
  • Challenges of providing consumer health information at your library
  • Planning a consumer health service
  • Collection development
  • Consumer health on the internet
  • The reference interview
  • Ethics
  • Outreach
  • Project development / marketing

Course Materials

Continuing Education

This course has been approved for 2, 3 or 4 hours of Medical Library Association Continuing Education Units.


Greater Midwest Region

Samanthi Hewakapuge, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Midcontinental Region

Dana Abbey, Health Information Literacy Coordinator/Colorado, Health Information Literacy Coordinator/Colorado,

Barbara Jones, Network Membership and Missouri Liaison, ,

Middle Atlantic Region

Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, , ,

Kate Flewelling, Outreach Coordinator, ,

New England Region

Michelle Eberle, Consumer Health Information Coordinator,

Pacific Northwest Region

Carolyn Martin, Consumer Health Outreach Coordinator, ,

Pacific Southwest Region

Kay Deeney, Educational Services Coordinator, , ,

Kelli Ham, Consumer Health and Technology Coordinator, ,

South Central Region

Adela Justice, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Terri Ottosen, Consumer Health Coordinator, ,

Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator,


Jo-Ann Benedetti MA, MLS, AHIP, Manager of Information and Outreach Services at the Upper Hudson Library System in Albany, NY.

Editors since 2005: Michelle Eberle and Terri Ottosen