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African American Community Health


African American communities see diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease affecting their friends and families every day. Free online resources from the National Library of Medicine and other reliable sources are available to help. This two hour class will provide participants with some basic health information as well as information specific to the African American community. The class is available hands-on or as an interactive presentation. 2 hours.


By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Successfully use MedlinePlus to find basic and African American health information
  • Refer to a variety of resources, from NLM and other reputable organizations, for quality information
  • Identify authoritative, unbiased and reliable health information resources when searching on your own
  • Find resources for community outreach & funding

Course Materials

Continuing Education

Upon successful completion of this class, each participant will receive 2 hours of continuing education credit awarded by the Medical Library Association.


Middle Atlantic Region

Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, , ,

Pacific Southwest Region

Lori Tagawa, Community Outreach Coordinator, , ,

Southeastern Atlantic Region

Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator,

Original Developers

Toni Yancey, former Outreach Coordinator, SE/A Region
Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator, SE/A Region