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Wishing Well Series

There are four levels of classes to the series, addressing each stage in the funding and project process.

Part 1 – Wishful Thinking

This class is an introduction to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Southeastern Atlantic Region funding process. It covers general funding and partnership tips and is intended to help community, faith-based and other organizations learn about the benefits of partnering with libraries, finding a partner, what to expect from the partnership, and how to begin the funding process.  This training is intended for anyone seeking funding from the network, including librarians wanting to improve the access of health information in their communities.

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Part 2 - Be Careful What You Wish For

The second level class gets even deeper into the funding process and is intended for people planning a full outreach project.  This level covers full proposal including outlines, examples, templates, and samples of good proposals to review. Wording and the elements of a good proposal such as researching, community needs assessments, and outcomes will be provided in this training.  Other topics include management of time, staff, and resources. Part of the “Measuring the Difference Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach,” developed by NN/LM and NLM staff, will be used. The training will cover the NN/LM funding process specifically and not grant writing in general. 

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Part 3 - Your Wish is Granted

The third part of the series is intended for those whose proposals have been accepted and funded.  Once an award is made, an organization may ask - “Now what?”  This training covers the steps of ordering equipment and other items needed for your project.


1. As of 2012, we now collect all quarterly and final reports electronically - Please disregard information in the series about submitting print copies.

2. Our Outreach Activity Reporting Form (OARF) system is currently being redesigned. Please collect and record your outreach activities on paper forms as directed in the tutorial, but disregard information about entering them online. You will be contacted by your NN/LM, SE/A coordinator when the new system is ready for use.

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Part 4 - Was Your Wish Fulfilled?

The final part of the series covers the last part of the funding process including evaluating the project, ideas for future projects, and sustainability. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the project will be reviewed for awardees. This training is suitable for Network members having completed or are near completing a full outreach project. 

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