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Resources for Librarians New to Health Sciences Librarianship

Topics on this page:


Basic Medical Library Management
Provides links to information covering the following:

Administration of the medical library

  • Mission statements and business plans
  • Management
    • Time management
    • Politics in the organization
    • Decision making
    • Library committees
    • Budgeting and staffing.
    • Customer service
    • Marketing the library
  • Acquiring grants and funding
  • Technology and the library
  • Library supply companies

Sources of information for librarians

  • Professional organizations
  • National Network of Libraries of Medicine
  • Consortia

Medical databases

  • Three essential databases: PubMed, MedlinePlus, LocatorPlus
  • Additional tools and databases
  • Medical Meetings on the Internet
  • Discussion lists

Collection development and interlibrary loan

  • Books
  • Reference Resources
  • Journals
  • Subscription agents
  • Consumer Health
  • Publishers
  • Cataloging
  • Document delivery and Interlibrary Loan
  • Copyright law and guidelines

First steps for new medical librarians

  • What to do first when you're put in charge of a medical library

Additional resources

  • Library management
  • Marketing
  • Budget
  • Periodicals for librarians

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Medical Terminology

Understanding how medical terminology is "built" helps librarians communicate effectively with medical personnel and patients. Below are some links that will help you familiarize yourself with the lingo.

Medical Terminology University of Hong Kong English Centre
Includes pronunciation sound files.

Medical Terminology Links
Ohio University
Links to MLA, Medical Abbreviations Dictionary, and Vivisimo.

Medical Dictionaries

The web offers many sources for medical dictionaries. Below are links to some that you may find helpful.

Medical Dictionary Medical Dictionary
Provides simple definitions more appropriate for patients.
The Medical Dictionary is from a site that includes advertising.

Who Named it?
Eponym: something named after someone. In medical librarianship, it is most commonly a disease, condition, or drug named after the person who first described or recognized it.
Biographical dictionary of medical eponyms.

Specialty Dictionaries: YourDictionary
Provides links to Stedman's, non-English, and various other dictionaries and glossaries.

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PubMed: From NLM

Using the MeSH database in PubMed

Using the Cubby in PubMed


Good Health Library Websites

If you're charged with putting up a website for your library, here are some sites that might be helpful:

Hardin MD Medical/Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
Links to many HSL sites including medical schools.

Web Design: Hospital Libraries Section of MLA
Provides resources on style, html, graphics and accessibility.

Current Awareness/SDI Services



Physician Locators

MedlinePlus Directories page

Users must register and are limited to 5 searches per day. May not be acceptable for physician credentialing. Gives very limited information.

Information from 20 state boards.

Florida Physicians
Medical Physicians:
Osteopathic Physicians:

Additional Resources

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce - tools and resources you can use when working with public health professionals

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