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Beyond the SEA

Date: September 15, 2010

Transliteracy and Libraries

Literacy is required for one to be fully involved in and contribute to society. Times are changing, technologies are evolving rapidly, and it’s no longer enough to focus on the ability to read and write alone. Libraries need to shift their focus from mere literacy to transliteracy, the ability to read, write, and interact across a range of platforms, tools, and media, from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio, and film, to digital social networks. Join us and our presenters, Bobbi Newman and Brian Hulsey, for the September 15 Beyond the SEA presentation and learn how transliteracy is tied to literacy and why it is important to libraries.


Bobbi Newman
Bobbi Newman
Bobbi is dedicated to helping libraries find their place in the digital age. She is passionate about 21st century literacies and the role of all libraries in equal access and opportunity for all.

Her professional interests include digital and technology based services, the digital divide, and improving existing services through expanding traditional methods, while creating innovative new practices.

She shares her passion by consulting and speaking at local, national, and international conferences. She writes and

Brian Hulsey
Brian Hulsey

Brian currently holds a position in Electronic Resources at the Simon Schwob Memorial Library of Columbus State University as well as Reference Services for the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries in Columbus, Georgia.

He presents at the state, regional, and national level on a myriad of topics ranging from accessible services to innovative technologies. All the while enthusiastically continuing to explore and learn new technologies in hopes to promote and excite others with a contagious dedication for clear and inspiring library service.

His professional interest include equal access to information, intellectual freedom, digital and technology based services, 21st century literacies, and making libraries a key component in the ever changing climate of information and communication. He writes & Outside of libraryland he is a triathlete, cycling enthusiast, Pilates instructor, and coffee shop frequenter.

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