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Beyond the SEA

Date: March 16, 2011

Healing Begins with Knowledge: The Increasing Importance of Health Care Literacy in the Medical Team

Presenter: Dr. Erin Dunbar, Neuro-Oncologist

Dr. Dunbar joined the faculty of the University of Florida in the Department of Neurosurgery in 2007 as Assistant Professor, and is honored to serve as Co-Director of the Preston A. Wells, Jr., Center for Brain Tumor Therapy and Neuro-Oncology Program, Director of Neuro-Oncology clinical-research, its database and clinical trials office, administrator of the medical Neuro-Oncology service, and member of the state legislature-mandated Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research.

Dr. Dunbar is an active member the academic societies involved in the care of primary and metastatic brain and spinal tumors, including the Society of Neuro-Oncology, American Society of Clinical Oncologists, the American Academy of Neurology, and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. She is involved in numerous translational and clinical research initiatives at both UF and in collaborations with other institutions, including Johns Hopkins. Through both the Preston A. Wells, Jr., Center for Brain Tumor Therapy and the Department of Neurosurgery, Dr. Dunbar is committed to providing patients with the highest level of comprehensive and compassionate care.

As we face the ever increasing need to reduce health disparities in the US and the world, health literacy education for patients and health professionals is paramount. Lead by Dr. Dunbar, the University of Florida launched health care literacy initiatives hoping to improve outcomes of patient care - Many of these initiatives directly involve librarians. Dr. Dunbar presented on this topic at the April 2009 Florida Health Sciences Library Association (FHSLA) meeting as well as an update for Beyond the SEA in March of 2010. She will be providing an update on another year's progress for Beyond the SEA including the progress of the University of Florida health care initiatives outlined in the original presentation. The original presentation can be found on the FHSLA site under "Presentations": (but we will be using an updated PPT for our webinar).

Archive of March 16, 2011 web conference - links to Adobe Connect Presentation

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