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January 21, 2009

Presentation: Exploring the Drug Information Portal from the National Library of Medicine

Time: 12:00 Noon - 1:00 pm

Presenter: Diane Howden, NLM

NLM’s involvement with Drug Information dates back to the mid-1960s with the establishment of the Drug Literature Program. Drug information can be found among the bibliographic and factual databases that offer an array of clinical, research and toxicological data. The goal of the Drug Information Portal is to provide easy access to drug information from NLM and other key U.S. Government agencies while serving a wide audience of consumers, patients, healthcare practitioners, researchers and scientists. We will look at the development of the Drug Information Portal ( from its inception in 2005 to its release in 2008 and features added to the latest version.

Diane Howden is our invited guest. Since 2005, Diane has been a part of the ChemID team in NLM’s Specialized Information Services. She graduated from Old Dominion University with Bachelors of Science degree and majored in chemistry. She currently works on the Drug Information Portal.

Diane joined the NIH in June of 1996 as part of the ADD program (Antiepileptic Drug Development) at the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). This NIH program offers researchers the opportunity to have preclinical screening performed for drug candidates displaying anticonvulsive properties. The recent FDA approval of Lacosamide, featured under the News and Features tab on the Drug Information Portal, attests to the success of this program. The experience, training and knowledge of preclinical development, clinical trials and the FDA drug approval process gained at NINDS provided Diane with a solid foundation for working on the Drug Information Portal.

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