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David Midyette
David Midyette, BA, MA, MLIS

Position: Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Phone: 410-706-2855 or 1-800-338-7657 (choice #1 on menu)


David coordinates the SE/A exhibit program, manages RML communications, develops and teach classes on PubMed, Nursing Resources, and Systematic Reviews, and oversees regional exhibit and training awards. In the region, he serves as the contact for health science library associations for AL, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, and WV, and also serve as the RML liaison to the Program Development Committee of the Southern Chapter of MLA.

Professional Interests:

David's research interests focus on the culture of libraries, libraries as a cultural institution in the wider world, and how indigenous medical beliefs impact the practice of Western medicine. Having worked in many different library settings, he is fascinated by the similarities and differences between the local cultures of each library. More specifically, he is interested in the fact that despite similar structures, libraries often have very different cultural environments. From a wider perspective, there is the concept of library as place within the larger society. As libraries are changing, it is interesting to look at how the concept of a library as a physically defined space is changing as well. Cultural competency in medicine is a key factor in healthy outcomes. Having an understanding of how people construct their view of health and medicine, even in a Western context, can produce drastically different results depending on how the intersection of indigenous knowledge and Western practice is addressed.


BA in Anthropology from Wake Forest University
MA in Anthropology from Florida State University
MLIS from University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Just for Fun:

David grew up in North Carolina and has a passionate love of Barbeque. When he travels in the region, he makes sure to sample all of the different flavors and interpretations of this unique Southern cuisine. Of course this also means that he makes ample use of the fitness facilities where he stays.