SE/A Staff Directory

M.J. Tooey, Director -
Ms. Tooey directs the activities of the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland Baltimore and provides guidance to the Executive Director in the negotiation, planning, implementation, and execution of the terms of the SE/A contract with NLM. More Information

J. Dale Prince, Executive Director -
Mr. Prince is responsible for leadership, development and administration of all programs of the regional services plan, from the planning through evaluation phases. Oversees the effective participation of all levels of SE/A network libraries in the activities of the NN/LM.


Terri Ottosen, Consumer Health Outreach Coordinator -
Ms. Otttosen coordinates and facilitates SE/A regional consumer health outreach projects and subcontracts, promotes consumer health library development and provides consultation services. Terri teaches a variety of consumer health classes both online and in-person. She shares responsibility for state library association memberships with the Community Outreach Coordinator. More information.

Nancy Patterson, Community Outreach Coordinator -
Ms. Patterson coordinates and facilitates outreach and educational activities directed at minority populations and faith and community organizations. More information.

Andrew Youngkin, Emerging Technologies/Evaluation Coordinator -
Mr. Youngkin oversees the development of technology programs in the SE/A. Develops technology projects to improve information access to health professionals and health consumers in the SE/A. Coordinates all electronic publications functions of the SE/A. Coordinates an overall technology and web-based service plan that takes into consideration the RML's need to reach health care and health information professionals, as well as, the public's health information needs. Mr. Youngkin also coordinates program evaluation. More information.

Sheila Snow-Croft, Public Health Coordinator -
Ms. Snow-Croft ensures an organized approach to the SE/A outreach services targeting the public health workforce.

Tony Nguyen, Outreach/Communication Coordinator-
This position coordinates and facilitates the SE/A exhibit program, regional outreach projects and subcontracts targeting health professionals, library advocacy, and consultation and training to health professionals and their associations.

Support Staff

Colette Beaulieu, Office Manager-
Ms. Beaulieu manages the support staff, maintains the web site, and oversees a variety of professional and administrative activities related to the day-to-day operations of the SEA offices.. More information.

Ashley Cuffia, Library Associate -
Ms. Cuffia assists Mr. Grier with DOCLINE issues and provides support to our Coordinators. More information.

Regina Johnson, Program Administrative Specialist -
Ms. Johnson assists the Executive Director, maintains the financial records, processes the award funding and provides support to our Coordinators.

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