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Option Year 1: May 1, 2012 - April 30, 2013

Program Overview and Objectives

The mission of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) is to advance the progress of medicine and improve the public health by providing all US health professionals with equal access to biomedical information and improving the public's access to information to enable them to make informed decisions about their health. The University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library has been selected to be the Regional Medical Library for the Southeastern/Atlantic Region. We have developed a comprehensive program that addresses this network mission.

The SE/A program is built around the following guiding principles:

  • Create and implement a decentralized, fully integrated and comprehensive approach to the SE/A programs
  • Develop collaborations and partnerships to define needs, set priorities, and create a comprehensive program to address local, diverse needs
  • Maintain and develop an expansive network of libraries and information centers as the cornerstone of information access
  • Aggressively promote health information services to both health practitioners and consumers
  • Promote and develop outreach activities that reach targeted populations
  • Utilize web-based, mobile, and emerging technologies as infrastructure of the program
  • Relentlessly pursue excellence by utilizing feedback and evaluation to improve products and services

Using these guiding principles, the HS/HSL will develop programs to meet the following National Network goals:

  • To develop collaborations among network members and other organizations to improve access to and sharing of biomedical information resources throughout the nation;
  • To promote awareness of, access to, and use of biomedical information resources for health professionals and the public, with a particular emphasis on contributing to the Healthy People 2010 goal of eliminating health disparities;
  • To develop, promote, and improve electronic access to health information by network members, health professionals, and organizations providing health information to the public.

Specific goals for the SE/A are:

  • To work with libraries in the network to establish connections with health professionals in rural and inner city locations who still do not have adequate access to health information;
  • To work with the NN/LM and other organizations to increase public awareness of and access to health information via the Internet, with particular focus on underserved consumer populations
  • To strengthen network capabilities through collaborations and by working with national support centers in key areas of need, such as outreach evaluation, training and distance education.

SE/A Programs

To meet national and regional goals, SE/A will implement the following programs:

Member Services

  • Membership
    • Establish relationships with K-12 libraries, community college libraries, public libraries, consumer health libraries, faith and community organizations and specific population organizations to promote affiliate membership and to involve them in Network activities. Continue to recruit new full and affiliate Network members. Continue to establish relationships with libraries at Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) that have health programs to encourage Network membership. Distribute membership certificates to new members.
    • Maintain Institutions (DOCLINE) as the Network membership database.
    • Attend state association or consortium meetings of information professionals, the Quad Chapter Meeting that includes Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MLA) and Mid- Atlantic Chapter of MLA, Public Library Association (PLA) and American Library Association (ALA) meetings for professional development, to promote membership, to promote NLM and NN/LM products and service, to provide training sessions and to provide NLM and NN/LM updates. Planned locations include: GA X 2 and AL.
    • While attending exhibits and state library association meetings promote membership, develop contacts with potential affiliate members, and make site visits to local members to learn about programs and needs.
    • Maintain a regional referral service. Continue to recruit libraries that provide Loansome Doc services, promote the service regionally, and refer callers to participating Network libraries in a timely fashion.
  • Resource Sharing
    • Continue to recruit new DOCLINE libraries. Assist current members with questions, train/assist members to update Institutions (DOCLINE) records as needed to ensure proper routing of requests, and assist with routing table creation and changes.
    • Review DOCLINE statistics to monitor regional resource libraries’ performance. Assist libraries that have not met the performance standards.
    • Conduct DOCLINE classes in the Region to Network members. Most classes will be conducted online or face-to-face at the request of network members.
    • Cooperate with NLM, NNO, and other NN/LM regions in mounting interlibrary loan, document delivery or resource sharing information on the NN/LM website.
    • Promote and recruit libraries to join the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) in the Region.
    • Update regional document delivery, EFTS and ESEA materials on the SE/A web site.
    • Continue to recruit new Serials Holdings reporting libraries. Assist members with questions concerning the use of and input of records into Serials Holdings.
    • Monitor trends in interlibrary loan and inform Network members through articles in SEA Currents blog and at meetings.
    • Promote LinkOut to Network libraries. Assist with questions concerning adding holdings to and accessing LinkOut. Hold web-conferencing sessions on starting a LinkOut service when requested.
  • Emergency Preparedness
    • Complete the original charge of the SE/A Disaster Planning Task Force to provide background on what plans exist in the Region, develop a procedure for notifying the RML in the event of a disaster, and recommend materials or resources the RML should make available for use by Network members.
    • Update and maintain the SE/A disaster planning/emergency preparedness web pages.
    • Encourage disaster planning classes throughout the Region through the provision of training awards.
    • Provide “10 Steps to Service Continuity” class in two states: MS and AL.
  • Communication
    • Publish and promote SEA Currents in blog format to communicate important information about the Region and NLM products and services.
    • Host and maintain state association and other specialty electronic discussion lists as requested to facilitate statewide communications, planning, and evaluation of activities.
    • Maintain social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.
    • Maintain SEAChat chat interface for immediate response to network member chat inquiries.
    • Update SE/A information and resources on the NN/LM website.
    • Maintain state resource pages on the SE/A website.
    • Participate in monthly NN/LM teleconferences.
    • Attend the RML directors meeting in May 2012 in Seattle, WA. Attend coordinator/program area and web-developers meetings. Attend the RML directors mid-winter teleconference.
  • Regional Advisory Committee
    • Hold RAC program committee meetings virtually at least twice during the year to discuss regional issues and plans. Hold one in-person meeting of the oversight committee to discuss regional plans.
    • Maintain electronic discussion lists for each of the RAC program committees to conduct business and for communication.
    • Enlist RAC members as needed to review outreach proposals or new publications and to help plan the evaluation of NN/LM SE/A services.
  • Evaluation
    • Consult with the Outreach Evaluation Resource Center (OERC) as needed for assistance with evaluation of subcontract proposals or SE/A services and programs.
    • Provide NLM with feedback on products, services, Network member concerns, and more through timely quarterly and annual reports.
    • Consult with RAC committees for input on services and programs.
    • Conduct Resource Library Directors’ meeting in conjunction with Quad Chapter meeting.
  • Library Advocacy
    • Solicit and publish in “Share Your Success” stories for SEA Currents during Medical Librarians Month.
    • Teach “Measuring Your Impact” upon demand


  • Health Professionals
    • Develop a minimum of two subcontracts that focus on the information access needs of health professionals. Provide funds for projects that provide training, presentations, demonstrations, technology improvements and exhibits to targeted populations including the public health workforce, minority or unaffiliated health professionals, health professionals serving at risk or minority populations or those working in rural, inner city or minority-serving health clinics.
    • Provide funding for “express awards” for projects assisting health professionals. Express awards include:
      • Outreach project awards to improve access to information for unaffiliated health professionals, the public health workforce, minority health professionals, or those serving minority or at risk populations
      • Planning awards to plan or determine the feasibility for future outreach projects
      • Mobile technology awards to facilitate mobile information outreach
    • Conduct site visits to select funded projects concluding in Option Year 01. Planned locations include: GA, SC, TN, and AL.
    • Provide consultations on NLM products and services, online searching, technology and connections to health professionals and the public health workforce as needed.
    • Continue outreach to the public health workforce. Visit and provide training to county health departments in MD and NC. Promote website and submit suggestions for new links to Encourage local and state health departments to link to NLM websites and databases.
    • Present at national meetings of health professionals. Planned locations include FL, DC, and GA.
  • Consumers
    • Develop a minimum of two subcontracts that seek to improve access to health information resources at the regional, state, and local level. Provide funds for projects that provide training, presentations, demonstrations, technology improvements and exhibits to targeted populations including: community and faith-based organizations, vulnerable and at-risk populations, public libraries, and more.
    • Fund “express awards” for the following:
      • Follow-up awards to evaluate an outreach project in which an affiliate member has participated or was funded to lead, to assume services offered under contract from funded agency or to develop plans for next steps to expand or sustain a project.
      • Outreach project awards that assist community groups; faith groups; specific consumer populations, such as seniors, teens, etc.; minority groups; at risk groups; or a specific group in the community in need of health information.
      • Planning awards to plan or determine the feasibility for future outreach projects
    • Provide consultations for libraries and community groups desiring to build consumer health information services.
    • Promote an interactive chat address so that Network members can communicate in real time with the consumer health coordinator.
    • Conduct site visits to projects concluding in Option Year 01. Planned locations include: MD, AL X2, VA, GA, FL, TN
    • Present at national and regional meetings with a consumer focus. Planned locations include: NC, MD, and VI


  • Provide two “10 Steps to Service Continuity” classes; planned locations include MS and AL
  • Provide four “Measuring Your Impact” classes; planned locations include: FL, AL, SC, and MS.
  • Provide “Grant Proposal Writing” classes in NC
  • Provide PubMed training in VA, MD X2, GA, FL and VI
  • Provide “Introduction to Evidence Based Practice in a Magnetic World” classes; planned locations include: FL, and DC
  • Provide “Patient Safety Resource Seminar” classes; planned locations include: WV and VA
  • Provide “Who You Gonna Call”; planned locations include: MD and NC
  • Provide “Health Memphis Common Table” in TN
  • Provide "Evidence Based Practice" classes in Nursing in DC
  • Provide “Introduction to NLM Resources” classes; planned locations include FL and AL
  • Provide “Medical Websites for Nurses” in GA
  • Provide “Patient Education from NLM & PubMed”; planned locations include VA and SC
  • Provide “Informatics for Librarians” in GA
  • Provide “NLM’s MedlinePlus Connect”; planned locations include PR and VA
  • Provide “Introduction to PHPartners”; planned locations include GA and SC
  • Provide “Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth” in AL
  • Provide consumer health classes to public or health sciences librarians, consumers, or community and faith-based organizations; planned locations include MS, WV, MD, FL, PR X2, and GA.
  • Provide classes for the public through community, faith-based, volunteer and other organizations; planned locations include VI and FL
  • Provide “African American Community Health” in SC
  • Provide “Prescription for Success” class in MD
  • Provide “Promoting Health Literacy” class in WV


  • Exhibit at four National Meetings
    • Boca Raton, FL – Hispanic Dental Association/National Dental Association/Society of American Indian Dentists (HAD-NDA-SAID)
    • Atlanta, GA – National Association of Local Boards of Health
    • Washington, DC – Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities   
  • Exhibit at four Regional/State meetings of health professionals
    • Myrtle Beach, SC – South Carolina Dental Association
    • Charleston, WV – West Virginia Public Health Nursing Spring Symposium
    • Richmond, VA – Virginia School Health & Education Partnership
    • Nashville, TN – Latino Medical Student Association/Southeast Region
  • Exhibit at four meeting of state or regional library associations
    • Ocean City, MD – Maryland Library Association
    • Macon, GA – Southeastern Library Association
    • Baltimore, MD – Quad Chapter MLA (Southern Chapter/Mid-Atlantic Chapter)
    • Natchez, MS – Mississippi Library Association
  • Exhibit at four consumer meetings
    • Charlotte, NC – Southern Women’s Show
    • Atlanta, GA – Black Gay Pride Atlanta
    • Ocean City, MD – Maryland Veterans of Foreign Wars
    • St. Croix, USVI – Agrifest – Agricultural and Food Fair of the U.S. Virgin Islands