NN/LM SCR Staff Job Descriptions

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The Director is responsible for the overall direction of the program and is liaison to the National Library of Medicine. He/she provides leadership in the South Central Region in planning and implementing NN/LM SCR programs and is an advocate for the NN/LM SCR in the national arena. The Director participates in meetings with the NN/LM Directors, NN/LM SCR Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), and serves as liaison to regional Resource Library Directors. The Associate Director reports to the Director for program management.

Associate Director

The Associate Director is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the objectives and goals of the program. He/she is responsible for the day-to-day administrative responsibilities including budget and contract preparation and program management within the approved budget and federal guidelines, program planning and implementation, NN/LM SCR staff supervision, development and distribution of statistical data and progress reports, and communication at all levels. The Associate Director is a liaison to the National Library of Medicine, other Regional Medical Libraries, the NN/LM SCR RAC, Resource Library Directors, and the Network libraries.

Community Health Coordinator

The Community Health Coordinator works closely with state public health departments, state public health associations, and schools of public health to continue to identify key health disparities in each state, and introduce the NLM and NN/LM SCR resources and programs to the public health workforce. This Coordinator will identify resources and address the need for health information for various literacy levels present in society.

Consumer Health Coordinator

The Consumer Health Coordinator is responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing consumer health information programs. Responsibilities of this position include identifying populations where there is a need to introduce consumer health information, identifying existing consumer health collaborations and programs, and training librarians, consumers, and healthcare professionals in providing access to consumer health information.

Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator

The Outreach and Evaluation Coordinator is responsible for developing outreach initiatives to community colleges and allied health schools; coordinating the evaluation and needs assessments programs for the NN/LM SCR and overseeing document delivery activities for the Region.

Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator serves as technical advisor for the South Central Region; coordinates e-licensing for NN/LM SCR Primary Access Libraries (PALs); coordinates open access and scholarly publishing for the NN/LM SCR; assists the NLM with the development and implementation of a plan to identify historical and unique materials related to the health sciences located in the Region; serves as NN/LM SCR liaison to the NN/LM Web Services and Technology Operation Center (Web-STOC); and coordinates the NN/LM SCR Technology Advisory Committee.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant performs administrative support activities which include managing the NN/LM SCR office, supervising the support staff, making exhibit arrangements, assisting the Associate Director with budget preparation, drafting reports, coordinating meetings, recording and drafting NN/LM SCR RAC meeting minutes, making travel arrangements, purchasing equipment and supplies, and handling accounts payable.

Technology Assistant

The Technology Assistant generates publications in all electronic and print formats. Responsibilities of this position include assisting with design, layout, and production of newsletters and supplements, manuals and class training materials, exhibit materials, maps, web design, HTML, and special projects. The Technology Assistant serves as back-up to the Office Assistant.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant performs general office duties, answering phones, handling registration for workshops, packing and shipping exhibits, mailings, processing NLM surplus books, and filling interlibrary loans from NN/LM SCR collection.