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Archive for the ‘PubMed’ Category

Searching for Journals in PubMed

Recently I was searching for journal articles from a certain country. From PubMed, I accessed the NLM Catalog with the limit turned on for Journals referenced in the NCBI databases. From the Advanced Search page in the NLM Catalog, I could select Country of Publication with the Search Builder. This gave me a list of 449 journal titles. (more…)

Recent Updates via the Technical Bulletin

The following are some updates from recent Technical Bulletin articles of interest to our Network members
MeSH Database updated in PubMed

The MeSH Database was redesigned to provide users with the same streamlined interface now available in PubMed® and the NLM® Catalog. These changes were implemented in PubMed on February 14, 2011.. (more…)

Librarians/Information Professionals needed to help develop PubMed search strategies for the Healthy People 2020 Information Access Project

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is committed to improving access to relevant information for the public health community. A major focal point for initiatives in this area has been the Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce initiative (also known as “Partners”; found at, which is a collaboration to provide the public health workforce with timely, convenient access to information resources to help them improve the health of the American public. (more…)

PubMed Classes Summer 2010

This summer we have two kinds of PubMed class offerings. The first one is an in class experience in Los Angeles; the other is via distance learning. (more…)

Questions About PubMed Changes During the February Midday at the Oasis

Here are some questions that came up during the Midday at the Oasis session on PubMed Changes Revisited. This session built upon the December session that was called, The “New” PubMed: Doing Fine with the Redesign! The February session highlighted the changes that took place early February. This recording is available at I answered or demonstrated most of the following questions and answers. For some of the questions we put together some additional information. (more…)

PubMed® Redesign is Here!

The changes to PubMed have been a long time coming! We saw some highlights at MLA 2009 in Honolulu. In August we saw short presentations of mock-up pages of what the new PubMed would look like. This week the preview link was leaked on Twitter, various blogs and Facebook pages, and now has been officially released. The preview version of the redesigned PubMed is available on the PubMed homepage at (more…)

MedlinePlus Update

MedlinePlus continues to improve! (more…)

Questions from PubMed Sessions

In late December and early January, I conducted two online sessions on recent PubMed changes for Network Members. I reviewed the Advanced Search page and showed how to cope with the Single Citation Matcher going away from the blue sidebar. We also discussed Limits, History, Preview/Index, and Details — features that are now on the Advanced Search page. (more…)

New version of PubMed’s My NCBI Launched!

A redesign of PubMed’s My NCBI interface was released on September 25, 2008. The My NCBI Sign-In page now has additional features to help users easily access their accounts. (more…)

The Continuing Evolution of PubMed!

Recently, PubMed has undergone a flurry of enhancements and modifications. And that trend is very likely to continue! The latest changes include the way that Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) works and the introduction of a new Citation Sensor feature. These changes, along with the beta version of an advanced search mode for PubMed, were the highlights of a “PubMed Review” theater presentation from the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association (MLA). A detailed description of the new features is included in Boost for PubMed Search Results: New ATM and Citation Sensor Introduced, published in the NLM Technical Bulletin. (more…)