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Archive for the ‘Funding’ Category

2011 AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects Announced

The National Library of Medicine has funded awards for the 18th round of AIDS Community Information Outreach Projects. Since the beginning of this program in 1994, NLM has continued its HIV/AIDS-related outreach efforts to community-based organizations, patient advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, state and local departments of health, and libraries, including public libraries. (more…)

2011 Major and Express Outreach Award Highlights

Outreach funding is a key component of the RML program, greatly extending our efforts to reach target populations. Outreach projects completed during the 2006-2011 contract were very impressive in quality and diversity. The following summaries are highlights from recently completed outreach projects. In addition, several in-depth narratives, written by the funding awardees, follow this article. (more…)

Major Outreach Award Highlights: Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander Substance Abuse Information Outreach Center

by Ford Kuramoto, DSW, LCSW
Director, National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
Los Angeles, CA

The National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse (NAPAFASA) received funding for a Major Outreach Award Subcontract from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), Pacific Southwest Region. The project involved outreach to California, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands Jurisdiction. NAPAFASA is a national, private, non-profit coalition of youth, parents, community leaders, service providers and other professionals dedicated to the prevention, treatment and recovery of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI). Through its working relationships with community-based service agencies in California, Hawaii, and Guam, NAPAFASA developed a plan to reach and train as many groups and organizations as possible to promote the use of the National Library of Medicine and its many resources. (more…)

Express Outreach Award Highlights: Reaching Out to Los Angeles

by Darlene Parker-Kelly, MSLS
Director, Library and Learning Resource Center
Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science
Los Angeles, CA

It was not long ago that I accepted the position of Director of Library/Learning Resource Center at Charles R. Drew University (CDU), located in south Los Angeles, and I knew immediately that our Library needed to become involved in outreach initiatives. My efforts began with a call to Judy Consales, the Director of the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library at UCLA, and she indicated that I needed to contact the Regional Medical Library (RML), and so the quest began. The first outreach initiative involved a collaboration between CDU Health Sciences Library and the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library at UCLA, which led to partnerships with a number of community organizations. Cathy Brown, Outreach Coordinator from the UCLA Biomedical Library, and I were the primary outreach organizers. Our project goal was to participate in four health or community fairs, but we became ambitious and by the end of the project we had successfully participated in 10 health fairs! We attended three chamber of commerce events, three faith-based organization events, three women’s conferences, and one school readiness event. (more…)

Major Outreach Award Highlights: Promoting Web Access to Health Information in San Diego

by Naomi C. Broering, MLS, MA, AHIP; Gregory A. Chauncey, MBA; Stacy Gomes, PhD.
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, CA

Picture of Naomi Broering, Judy Consales, Julie Kwan and Becky
The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine’s (PCOM) Library received Major Outreach Award funding from the RML in 2009, for an 18-month project that ended in April 2011. The overall project goal was to promote easy-to-use Web informatics access to NLM and NIH online health information resources for consumers and health professionals. This gargantuan, but fun task involved networking and collaborating with an eight-member team of San Diego public libraries, faith-based organizations, a community center, and affiliated clinics, to implement an instructional program with a variety of teaching alternatives targeting an ethnically diverse community. We taught hands-on workshops, developed electronic tutorials, held live web-based sessions that were videotaped, produced DVDs, and conducted a series of Webinars for health care practitioners. In addition, we made web page enhancements, such as adding an A to Z database arrangement, new online tutorials of PubMed and MedlinePlus, and implementation of Web 2.0 features used for instructional training of NLM resources. Examples of links for tutorials and databases are on the PCOM web site. It was an ambitious project, but extremely rewarding! (more…)

Express Outreach Award Highlights: Text-A-Librarian at San Francisco General Hospital

by Joy Graham, MLS, AHIP
Manager, Barnett Briggs Medical Library
San Francisco General Hospital

One of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had in my library career was spending an 8-hour day shadowing a nurse in one of the patient care units at my hospital. I learned so many things, including that I should wear comfortable shoes and be ready to run!

In addition to that, I learned that nurses in our hospital do not have time to look things up on the Internet. Even assuming that they knew where to find the SFGH library web site, the few computers on the unit are constantly being used by nurses for charting. The telephones on the units are unavailable too, either ringing or in use by someone else. I concluded that if nurses were to communicate with the library, it had to be by a means other than email or telephone. That’s when the idea of a library-sponsored text messaging service was conceived and how Text-A-Librarian @ SFGH came into being. (more…)

Express Outreach Award Proposals Now Being Accepted!

We are pleased to announce the continuation of our popular Express Outreach Award funding program for 2011-2016. For Contract Year 1 (May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012), we intend to fund up to five awards ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 each. The complete details, along with a link to the application form, are now available at Proposals received by June 30, 2011, will receive top priority consideration.

We are especially interested in funding proposals emphasizing the following areas:

  • Development of culturally and linguistically appropriate resources
  • Outreach to minority health practitioners and students
  • Outreach to special populations
  • Improving access to electronic consumer health information
  • Projects that support innovative ideas on new roles for the information professional in the health care setting
  • Programs to promote MedlinePlus Connect
  • Programs with Regional Extension Centers
  • Community emergency preparedness collaborations
  • Pilot projects promoting the roles of libraries in institutions with Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSAs)
  • Pilot projects promoting the roles of libraries in e-science initiatives

All projects must be completed, with final reports and invoices submitted, by March 31, 2012. Indirect costs will no longer be accepted on project budgets, to allow the entire award to be devoted to direct project costs!

The upcoming Midday at the Oasis will include presentations by Alan Carr describing the Express Outreach Award funding details and application, Lori Tagawa summarizing previous Express Outreach Award outreach projects, and special guest speakers describing their funding experiences. If you plan to attend, please register online!

As always, feel free to write or call to discuss potential project ideas, or to ask questions about the award program. We will be looking forward to seeing your proposals!

What’s new in the new RML contract?

On Monday, May 2, 2011, we announced the new RML contract, and we were delighted to receive so many messages from you. We cannot thank you enough for sending your congratulations, thanks, and excitement for the future. All of us in the RML office are busy with tasks to set up our new program, and we would like you to know our plans. We thought a simple question and answer format might be a good way to start. (more…)

Funding Opportunities from 2011 NIH Director’s Award Programs

The NIH Common Fund (formerly the NIH Roadmap) encourages collaboration and supports a series of exceptionally high impact, trans-NIH programs. These programs are supported by the Common Fund, and managed by the NIH Office of the Director, in partnership with the various NIH Institutes, Centers and Offices. Recent funding announcements have been issued for the Transformative Research Projects (T-R01) Award Program, along with the 2011 NIH Director’s Pioneer Awards and New Innovator Awards, which promote innovative approaches to major challenges in biomedical or behavioral research. (more…)

Two New NLM Grant Programs Announced

The May 14th issue of the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts included announcements for two newly-issued NLM grant programs, NLM Information Resource Grants to Reduce Health Disparities and NLM Independent Career Development Award for Biomedical Informatics. Applications for both programs must be submitted through (more…)