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Archive for the ‘Emergency Preparedness’ Category

NLM Emergency Preparedness and Response Initiatives

In addition to its work on emergency preparedness and response with the NN/LM program, the National Library of Medicine has embarked on the following initiatives: (more…)

Rebuilding After Typhoon Sudal: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Funds Yap State Hospital Medical Library

Submitted by Alice E. Hadley, Librarian
U.S. Naval Hospital, Guam
Condensed and edited for publication in Latitudes

On the tiny island of Yap in the far western Pacific, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, working together with Guam’s Ayuda Foundation, funded a project to establish the new Yap State Hospital Medical Library to replace the one destroyed in Typhoon Sudal in 2004. (more…)

The NN/LM National Emergency Preparedness Project Baseline Assessment

The purpose of the NN/LM Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan is to help mitigate the impact of disasters on healthcare providers and their patients by helping Network member libraries maintain their information services in the event of a disaster. We can only know to what degree the Plan will have been successfully implemented in the Network by assessing the current level of and barriers to preparedness. Also, by identifying what kind of NN/LM support might be helpful, we can then provide that support to increase a library‚Äôs preparedness and ability to respond to emergencies. (more…)

Emergency Preparedness and Response: Rolling Out the NN/LM Plan in the Pacific Southwest Region

It will be two years next month that Arizona was struck by storms and flooding severe enough for the President to declare a major disaster. As June comes to a close, firefighters continue to battle hundreds of wildfires throughout California, the result of lightning storms and dry conditions throughout the state. A little over a year ago, Hawaii experience severe storms, high surf, flooding, and mudslides in Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui counties. This past February, northeastern Nevada experienced a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that was felt across much of the West, from northern Idaho and Utah to Southern California. And the Pacific Basin is regularly affected by almost every hazard you can imagine!

So what can WE do?

On June 20, 2008, regional Network office staff and Medical Library Association chapter representatives Irene Lovas and Peggy Tahir met with Dan Wilson and Susan Yowell to facilitate the regional adoption of the National Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan, an important step in helping libraries respond to emergency situations like those described above. (more…)