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Welcome new EFTS members!

There are now 206 EFTS members in the Pacific Southwest, representing 52% of our DOCLINE libraries! (more…)

E-Licensing Update

The NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program is continuing to grow! Join us for an informal meeting at MLA ’09 and read about our activities at SCELC’s Vendor Day and at the MLGSCA technology symposium, Technology in Libraries: Providing Access, Linking Communities. (more…)

NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program is formally underway!

The NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program is now a “go” with two STAT!Ref offers underway. (more…)

Announcing the NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program

We are pleased to announce the NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program! The following series of questions and answers will help you decide if you would like to participate in this new venture. These questions and answers are also available on the NN/LM PSR web site on the Licensing Electronic Resources page. Please contact Julie Kwan at the RML office if you have any questions. (more…)

Welcome New EFTS Members!

Welcome to our new EFTS members! There are now 195 EFTS members in the Pacific Southwest, representing 48.4% of our DOCLINE libraries! In addition, our region now has the second largest number of EFTS libraries; only the Middle Atlantic Region has more. (more…)

DOCLINE Mini-Tutorial: How to Find EFTS Libraries in your Region

Now that so many libraries are joining EFTS, it’s time to rethink your routing table! Here’s how you can add EFTS libraries to it. (more…)

EFTS: Welcome new members!

Welcome to our new EFTS members! There are now 188 EFTS members in the Pacific Southwest, representing 47% of our DOCLINE libraries! The following 13 libraries have joined EFTS since February 1, 2008: (more…)

E-Licensing in the NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region

One of the goals for the 2006-2011 NN/LM PSR contract is to assist Network members with negotiating licensing agreements for electronic resources. In developing our proposal for the contract period, we began by identifying existing buying consortia in the region. (more…)

EFTS Continues to Grow in the Pacific Southwest!

Did you know that the National Library of Medicine encourages all DOCLINE libraries to join EFTS? (more…)

MLGSCA & NCNMLG Coupons – Going, Going, Gone

DOCLINE libraries in the Pacific Southwest Region are overwhelmingly moving to the Electronic Funds Transfer System (EFTS) and to reciprocal groups for resource sharing, such as FreeShare. As a result, both the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA) and the Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group (NCNMLG) are planning to end their coupon sales and redemption programs. Although coupons played a very useful role for libraries to share among themselves in the days of paper-based interlibrary loan, they do not work well in today’s electronic based system. (more…)